CRD Selected for LGAG Audit of Emergency Management Programs

Jun 29, 2017

Victoria, BC– The Capital Regional District (CRD) has been one of four local governments selected for a performance audit of its emergency management program by British Columbia’s Auditor General for Local Government (AGLG). Audits are carefully selected based on the likelihood and potential severity of a program disruption.

“Because large-scale emergency events like tsunamis and earthquakes are a risk to our region, emergency management is especially important,” says Barbara Desjardins, CRD Board Chair. “We are looking forward to this opportunity to learn and continually improve — for the safety and wellbeing of the capital region.”     

The next step in the AGLG audit process is the planning phase, during which the AGLG develops the audit plan and establishes an expert advisory committee. This is followed by the examination phase, in which the AGLG works with local government staff to collect evidence and validate gathered information by conducting interviews and reviewing documents. Finally, during the reporting phase, the AGLG develops a final performance audit report, which will be substantiated by evidence gathered. This report will be shared with the local government for input and to ensure accuracy, and then published on the AGLG website for the public. For more about the AGLG auditing process, visit

The CRD partnered with the Province in March 2016 to establish a regional emergency management partnership (REMP). The partnership promotes increased cooperation, collaboration and integration between all levels of government during all phases of emergency management. It also enhances emergency preparedness and strengthens regional communications and training.

The REMP steering committee endorsed its first strategic plan on February 2017, which outlined goals, targets and strategies with three priority areas of focus:

  1. Understanding regional emergencies, hazards and vulnerabilities to support loss prevention, mitigation and preparedness;
  2. Planning for collaborative emergency response, business continuity and disaster recovery by regional partners; and,
  3. Enhancing the REMP’s governance, capabilities and efficiency.

The REMP is a collaborative approach to regional emergency planning, working together with the province and municipalities in the case of a regional or multi-site emergency. For more information about the CRD emergency programs and REMP, please visit


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