penderarbutus 220x136 hhThe Pender Islands Parks and Recreation Commission (PIPRC) is run by eight local volunteer Parks Commissioners appointed by the Capital Regional District (CRD) and by the Director representing the Southern Gulf Islands Electoral Area. It manages community parks and trails for the use by residents of North and South Pender Islands in British Columbia, Canada and by visitors to our islands. It also maintains trails on highway right of ways to viewpoints and ocean accesses. The Commission is also responsible for the organization and conduct of recreational programs on the Pender Islands.

Please Note

If you visit our community parks, please respect the private property next to the parks, trails, viewpoints, and ocean accesses and leave no trace of your visit or the visit of your dog. Leave the treasures that you find for others to enjoy. Provision for fires and camping do not exist in any Community Parks. Community Parks are open from sunrise to sunset.

With the exception of a small number of parks designated recreational in the Magic Lake area, all PIPRC parks and trails are designed for low impact use and require due care and attention of users. No bikes or other vehicles are allowed on the trails - CRD Bylaw # 1578 (15) and CRD Bylaw # 2129 (22). Please leave your bicycles at the trail head, enjoy the trail on foot and carry your garbage out.

Community Parks Master Plan

The PIPRC Master Plan establishes a guide for the acquisition, development, operation and maintenance of the Pender Islands community parks.


We are fortunate that the Pender Islands still have undeveloped areas that are biologically diverse and provide specialized habitats for some rare, threatened and endangered species.


History of parks on Pender Islands.

Land Donations

The Gulf Islands lie within an area considered to have sensitive ecosystems in need of protection. If your property qualifies as environmentally sensitive and you obtain a Minister of Environment Certificate, donation to the PIPRC/CRD or the Crown is an option that can save significantly on taxes.

Parks & Trails

There are a variety of parks and trails on the Pender Islands with differing terrain, vegetation, views, amenities, and accessibility.

Special Park & Recreation Use

PIPRC Parks may be reserved for special events such as weddings, birthdays or celebrations.

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