The CRD has a variety of program areas dedicated to environmental monitoring. These programs help to ensure the ongoing protection of human health, regional infrastructure and our natural environment. By investing in new research opportunities and partnerships, we continue to learn more about how to adapt to our changing needs in the capital region.

Stormwater & Wastewater Research

CRD wastewater and stormwater programs protect human health and the environment as well as confirm wastewater treatment facilities are function properly. Read more >>

Hartland Landfill Operations

The Hartland Landfill Environmental Program monitors and evaluates the comprehensive effects of landfilling operations on the environment. Read more >>

Drinking Water Quality

The CRD monitors the quality of our region’s drinking water to ensure regulations and guidelines are met and our drinking water remains safe. Read more >>

Water Efficiency Research

The CRD monitors water demand and use to inform programs that support wise and efficient water consumption in the capital region. Read more >>­