budget-processtimelineEvery four years, the CRD Board of Directors embarks on an iterative process to identify and establish a set of Strategic Priorities to guide the organization’s services and work over the next four years.

On an annual and ongoing basis, the CRD monitors, reviews and adjusts its plans to ensure they stay relevant and evolve to reflect changes in the organization's strategic priorities as well as operating environment.

Strategic Priorities

In 2014, the Board confirmed the CRD’s vision, mission, values and mandate and agreed on a set of Strategic Priorities for 2015 – 2018.

crd-corporateplan2015-2018Corporate Plan

The organization's Corporate Plan introduces corporate strategies and actions aimed at achieving the CRD Board's 2015–2018 Strategic Priorities. The plan also identifies corporate and core service priorities to enable a capable and responsive workforce, the continued implementation of professional best practices, and policy development aligned with our mission, vision and values.

Together, these priorities guide our organization in the delivery of more than 200 regional, sub-regional and local services to the region's communities.

odp-focusgroupOrganizational Development Plan

In April 2017 the CRD launched the first Organizational Development Plan (ODP). A key objective of the plan is to build organizational resilience. The goals identified in the plan will help the CRD develop a culture that:

  • Enables employee success by increasing the effectiveness of our policies, systems and supports
  • Fosters accountability and exemplifies respecting and valuing others
  • Ensures timely decision-making through the use of clear and transparent systems and,
  • Develops our employees to exceed expectations of today and in the future

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cross-connection-controlService Plans

Service plans outline core service information including key service drivers such as trends, service levels, workforce considerations, and performance measures. These plans also highlight divisional initiatives and implications for the overall work program and budget for a specific area.

Financial Plans

The CRD follows a financial planning process to ensure resources are used efficiently and that services effectively meet the needs of residents, municipalities, electoral areas and First Nations. Read more >>

Additional Information

Progress Reports

The CRD reports on its progress on an annual and quarterly basis. Read more >>