2024 policy changes at Hartland Landfill

Dec 13, 2023

Victoria, BC– The Capital Regional District (CRD) Board has approved bylaw changes at Hartland Landfill, including new material bans, adjusted tipping fee structure, and increased bylaw fines. The changes to the Hartland Landfill Tipping Fee and Regulation Bylaw No. 3881 and Ticket Information Authorization Bylaw No. 1857 will come into effect in two phases in 2024.

“We have not seen significant changes in tipping fees and material bans since 2015,” said CRD Board Chair Colin Plant. “The upcoming changes reflect the current reuse, recycling and energy recovery markets and further signal that banned materials should not end up in the garbage.”

As of January 2, the following changes will be implemented:

New Material Bans

  • Clean wood, like pallets and lumber cut-offs, will be banned from being accepted at the landfill as general refuse.

Tipping Fee Changes

  • The general refuse tipping fee will increase from $110 to $150/tonne.
  • Segregated clean wood will be accepted at a tipping fee of $80/tonne and will be transferred offsite for recycling or energy recovery.
  • The new Waste Stream Collector Incentive Program offers a $25/tonne rebate on general refuse to Hartland Landfill account customers that voluntarily self-report waste collection data and promote multi-stream collection.
  • The International High-Risk Cruise Ship Waste tipping fee will increase to $500/tonne (directed by the CRD Board in 2022).


  • Rates for various offences will increase (some up to $500).
  • Bylaw staff will focus primarily on education, with a plan to issue warning tickets ahead of enforcement. 

Further material bans will come into effect in the summer of 2024. Treated wood, salvageable wood, carpet and underlay, and asphalt shingles will be banned from being accepted at the landfill as general refuse but will be accepted as segregated materials at a reduced tipping fee.

“The 2024 Hartland Landfill policy changes have the potential to divert 40,500 tonnes of waste per year, aligning with the Solid Waste Management Plan goals to reduce the region's waste by more than one-third and extend the life of Hartland Landfill to 2100 and beyond,” said Environmental Services Committee Chair Barb Desjardins.

To learn more about these changes, and what you can do to reduce the amount of waste sent to the landfill, visit www.crd.bc.ca/rethinkwaste. For more about Hartland Landfill, visit www.crd.bc.ca/hartland.

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