blenkinsop-bike-hhCyclists are welcome in regional parks on trails specifically designated for cycling as well as on roads and other bikeways throughout the region.

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Where can I ride my bicycle in regional parks and trails?

Cycling is permitted on the 3 CRD Regional Trails:

Cycling is also permitted in the following Regional Parks:

Cycling is not permitted on other trails or in other CRD parks as well as in the Greater Victoria Water Supply Area. Please lock up your bikes and explore the parks on foot and ensure you refer to official park maps and signage to ensure you are on designated trails.

Why aren't bikes allowed on all trails?

Most of the trails in regional parks were built for walking and hiking, and are not engineered for safe cycling. Cycling on these trails damages tree roots and creates ruts, leading to erosion.

Most hiking trails are also too narrow for safe cycling. Please be considerate of other visitors.

Can I ride my bike off trail?

No. Cycling off trail, like hiking off trail, damages plants and wildflowers and disrupts important habitat for birds and wildlife. Cycling also damages the top layer of soil, leading to erosion. Please cycle only on designated trails.

The only designated mountain biking area in the regional parks system is at Mount Work Regional Park - Hartland, which provides trails for riders of all levels.

For more information on the Mount Work-Hartland mountain biking trails, contact CRD Parks' volunteer partner, the South Island Mountain Bike Society.

Can I ride my electric bicycle on park trails?

Yes. The CRD allows the use of electric bicycles on all regional trails and on designated cycling trails in some Regional Parks.

Electric bicycles must meet the BC Motor Vehicle Act definition of "motor-assisted cycle" and display the required sticker. For a detailed description, visit the ICBC website.

Where does CRD Parks provide bike racks?

Bike racks are available for visitors at:

  • Coles Bay
  • Devonian
  • Elk/Beaver Lake
  • Matheson Lake
  • Mill Hill
  • Sea to Sea
  • Sooke Hills Wilderness
  • Sooke Potholes
  • Thetis Lake
  • Witty's Lagoon

Along the three regional trails - Galloping Goose, Lochside and E&N Rail Trail - bike racks are provided at formal rest stops.

Pedestrian and Cycling Master Plan

The Pedestrian and Cycling Master Plan supports cycling and walking as part of an integrated transportation network that includes trails and cycling corridors across the region. 

Trail Etiquette

  • Share the trail and keep right except to pass
  • Control your speed
  • Yield to pedestrians and horse riders
  • When passing, alert other trail users. Use caution, particularly around horses
  • Communicate with signals and eye contact
  • Respect the trail environment and neighbouring lands
  • Yield to farm equipment
  • Cooperate and show mutual respect
  • Show kindness to fellow trail users if they make mistakes