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Annual operating grants are provided to eligible non-profit arts organizations of regional significance whose primary mandate is public programming in the arts. Operating grants recognize the contribution that arts organizations make to the quality of life in the Capital Region, as well as the visibility and activities these organizations bring to the region.

Application Deadline

The application deadline has passed. Please check this site for the September 2020 deadline.

What are the grant amounts?

The grant amount recommended for the Operating Grant Program is determined by evidence of demonstrated need in the application, by the needs of other applications received at the same deadline, and by limits to available resources.

Who can apply for this grant?

The applicant must:

  • Have public programming in the arts as their primary mandate and purpose.
  • Be a non-profit society and have been registered in British Columbia for at least two consecutive years immediately preceding the application deadline.
  • Have actively presented public arts programming in the CRD for the two consecutive years immediately preceding the application deadline.
  • Have received one or more CRD Project Grant awards prior to the application deadline.
  • Have an active Board of Directors. Voting members of the Board must not receive remuneration of any kind from the applicant organization.
  • Have their administration and public programming based in a jurisdiction that contributes to the CRD Arts & Culture Support Service.
  • Have operating budgets that average at least $50,000 in the year of application and the two years immediately preceding application, exclusive of capital projects or in-kind contributions. (Organizations with operating budgets of less than $50,000 may be eligible for funding through the CRD Arts & Culture Support Service Project Grant program.)
  • Provide, with their applications, the appropriate financial statements as outlined in the "Financial Statement Requirements" section of the Guidelines as well as promotional materials showing CRD recognition.
  • Demonstrate a need for public funding in their applications.

Operating grants are not available for programs of civic departments or branches (e.g., libraries or community centres), nor are they intended for the activities of clubs or for organizations whose primary mandate involves social service, religious, sports or educational activities.

Training and educational organizations are not eligible unless they are determined to have public programming of regional significance. An organization will be determined to be primarily concerned with training or education if the majority of its earned revenue is derived from tuitions or other payments for educational or training services.

Organizations in arrears with any local authority, are bankrupt, seeking creditor protection, are insolvent, or under court supervision of any kind are ineligible.

What kinds of activities is the grant for?

Operating grants support on-going operational costs for arts activities and public programming benefitting residents in the Capital Region.

Given budget limitations, some activities are beyond the scope of this grant program, regardless of their merit. The following do not qualify for the Operating Grant Program:

  • Contests and competitions
  • Capital projects
  • Tourism promotion
  • Scholarships

In addition, arts training organizations are not eligible for operating funding in order to fulfill prescribed curriculum requirements or other educational activities. Recitals, exhibitions and other presentations intended to present or showcase the ongoing or final results of courses, classes, workshops, etc., are not eligible for funding under this program.

What are the steps to apply?

  1. Contact us to confirm eligibility and request an application form.
  2. Review the Operating Grant Guidelines and FAQs.
  3. Complete the application, compile documentation and provide both a digital and a hard copy by 4:30pm on the deadline.

Send the documents (except for promotional materials) to the CRD Arts & Culture Support Service email address found on the Operating Grant application form.

Deliver hard copy set of documents and promotional materials to:

CRD Arts & Culture Support Service
625 Fisgard Street PO Box 1000
Victoria, BC V8W 2S6 (Courier: V8W 1R7)

Is Multi-year Operational Funding Available?

A Multi-year Operating Grant Program was approved by the CRD Arts Commission in 2018. Application is by invitation only. Eligible organizations will be contacted by Arts & Culture Support Service staff.

Documents & Sample Applications

Sample application forms are for informational purposes only.

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