Capital Regional District announces elections of Board Chairs and Vice-Chairs

Nov 10, 2021

Victoria, BC– The Chairs and Vice-Chairs for the Capital Regional District (CRD), Capital Regional Hospital District (CRHD) and the Capital Regional Housing Corporation (CRHC) have been elected to serve for the fourth and final year of the term for each Board.

District of Saanich Councillor Colin Plant has been re-elected as the CRD Board Chair for the fouth consecutive year, and District of Saanich Councillor Rebecca Mersereau has been re-elected as the CRD Board Vice-Chair.

In his inaugural remarks to the Board, Chair Plant focused on priorities including climate change, solid and liquid waste, regional transportation and Truth and Reconciliation, saying:

“Our commitment to climate action is one we cannot stop advancing. Our future depends on it. I continue to ask for your to be champions of this work when it comes to your local table.  

We also will begin to look at next steps for our solid and liquid waste. While we have adopted a new Solid Waste Management Plan we all know that we have to look at our solid waste as a resource and not something to just bury.

Our commitment to a more integrated and climate-friendly regional transportation system cannot waiver.  In the last 12 months we have moved from a place of aspirations and goals to one of advocacy and coordination.  I believe we must continue to make progress on transportation and set the table for the next board to continue this work when the board changes.

Our country’s need to have Truth and Reconciliation with First Nations should resonate in this room.  I believe we are on the right path and need to continue to develop relationships with the First Nations in the region that are based on mutual respect and mutual advancement.  This is an endeavour we must all support.”

The CRD Board Chair leads a 24 member Board of Directors comprised of one or more elected officials from each of the 13 municipalities and three electoral areas within the CRD’s boundaries. Each municipality has one director for every 25,000 people (or portion thereof) and each electoral area is represented by one director. The Chair establishes standing committees, formalizes committee structures, and appoints committee chairs and vice-chairs as part of its governance structure.

As the regional government serving over 425,500 people, the CRD plays a key role in providing services that can be delivered efficiently and effectively through region-wide or shared service delivery models. These include the regional water supply, solid waste, wastewater treatment, regional parks, housing, 911 call answer and recreation facilities.

City of Langford Councillor Denise Blackwell, a long time CRHD chair, has been re-elected once again and Rebecca Mersereau has been elected as the CRHD Board Acting Chair. The CRHD, a corporation of the CRD, partners with Island Health and community stakeholder agencies to develop and improve healthcare facilities in the region and provide capital funding for infrastructure such as acute care, residential care and hospital equipment.

City of Victoria Councillor Jeremy Loveday has been elected as the CRHC Board Chair for the first time and Town of View Royal Mayor David Screech has been re-elected as the CRHC Board Vice-Chair. Affordable housing is key to a strong economy and healthy region. The CRHC, the largest social housing provider in the region, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the CRD, developing and managing affordable housing to deliver attractive, inclusive, and sustainable housing to meet the needs of people living in the capital region. Since 2019, the CRD through the CRHC, has added more than 700 new affordable dwellings and will work towards adding another 1500 affordable dwellings for a potential combined portfolio of more than 3500 units by 2025.

The CRD, CRHD and CRHC Boards combine to lead decision-making on regional priorities and initiatives and provide oversight on a wide range of regional, sub-regional and local services. The CRD Board Priorities were developed at the start of the Board term in 2019 and formed the basis of the CRD's 2019-2022 Corporate Plan. The CRD’s Corporate Plan outlines actions to deliver on the CRD Board’s Priorities, approved plans and ongoing service commitments.

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Proud to be recognized as one of BC’s Top Employers and Canada’s Greenest Employers, the CRD is the regional government for 13 municipalities and three electoral areas on southern Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands, serving more than 392,000 citizens. Guided by its Board, the CRD works collaboratively to create a sustainable, livable and vibrant region. Visit us online at


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