wspstew-talltreesStewardship of the Greater Victoria Water Supply Area means caring, thoughtful, and cautious management of the watersheds, ecosystems and processes that sustain source water quality, other important ecosystem goods and services, and cultural values, to ensure a safe and sustainable water supply and healthy ecosystems for future generations.

The 2012 Strategic Plan for the Greater Victoria Water Supply System provides clear policy direction relating to the protection and stewardship of water supply catchment lands:

  • The principle use of the watersheds within the Greater Victoria Water Supply Area is to collect, store and provide high quality source water.
  • The primary means of protecting source water quality will be consolidated land ownership and management of land use activities in the Greater Victoria Water Supply Area.
  • The management of the Water Supply Area will focus on stewardship of the watershed resources consistent with a sustainable, healthy water supply, and on compatible secondary natural resource values.
  • Maintain and enhance ecosystem function and the hydrologic stability of the forest to protect water quality, achieve water supply objectives and support compatible secondary values
  • A closed watershed policy limits access to the Water Supply Area to those with a valid permit, such as contractors and researchers.  Public access for recreation or any other unauthorized use is not permitted.

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