About Salt Spring Island

Salt Spring Island is located just off the east coast of Vancouver Island and is the largest and most densely populated of the Gulf Islands. Salt Spring Island is an unincorporated rural Electoral District under the jurisdiction of the Capital Regional District (CRD). The CRD serves as the local government for electoral areas and most administrative functions are handled from the SSI CRD Administrative Office. The SSI CRD Administrative Office is located at 108-121 McPhillips Avenue; visit us in person following our Covid-19 Safety Plan, call 250.537.4448 or email.


More information on the services and administrative functions offered on SSI by the CRD can be found on the following pages:

Projects and Initiatives

On a quarterly basis, the CRD prepares a dashboard showing progress made to date on local service priorities, initiatives, and capital plans.

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Committees and Commissions

Please visit the Board, Committees and Commissions section for appointments, agendas and minutes for the following Salt Spring Island commissions and committees.

Additional Information

Get Involved

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Director Gary Holman, director of the Salt Spring Island Electoral Area

Gary Holman is the Salt Spring Island Electoral Area Director and a locally elected representative on the CRD, CRHC and CRHD Boards. Director Holman has lived on Salt Spring Island since 1989 and has a professional background as an economist.

Director Holman serves on various local commissions and was elected as the Salt Spring Island Electoral Area Director in 2018. He previously served as the MLA for Saanich North and the Islands (2013-17) and as the Salt Spring Island Electoral Area Director (2002-08).

Alternate Director

Mary Richardson is the Alternate Director for the Salt Spring Island Electoral Area.

Contact the Commissioners

Gayle Baker

Ben Corno

Earl Rook

Brian Webster


SSI Administration
108-121 McPhillips Avenue

Animal Control
1.800.665.7899 (toll-free) or 250.478.0624

Building Inspection 

Bylaw Enforcement
1.800.665.7899 (toll-free) or 250.478.0624

Water & Sewer
General – 1.800.663.4425
Emergencies – 1.855.822.4426