CRD Electoral Area Wildfire Exposure Maps Show Risk

Oct 03, 2023

Victoria, BC–New wildfire exposure maps for the Capital Regional District (CRD) Electoral Areas of Juan de Fuca, Salt Spring Island and Southern Gulf Islands can help electoral area residents understand their wildfire risk profile.

Wildfires are a natural process in forest ecosystems, but cause harm when they move into communities. With the patchwork of natural and developed areas in the capital region, neighbourhoods have different levels of fire-prone vegetation depending on their location.

"Our communities are nestled in a rich natural environment with mixed forests and vegetation that have different levels of risk due to changes in stewardship and fire suppression practices over time," said Paul Brent, Chair of the CRD Electoral Areas Committee. "As we continue to live with climate change, we need to work together with landowners and community partners to prevent and be prepared for wildfire."

The CRD and Islands Trust collaborated on creating the wildfire exposure maps to help prioritize mitigation efforts. This new approach is designed to support wildfire prevention and mitigation efforts across a variety of land ownership classes. Exposure mapping is developed through a simple scientific approach that identifies where wildfires are most likely to impact developed areas.

"If you find that you are in an area with high exposure, be prepared for wildfire," added Brent. "Take action to minimize risk on your property by following FireSmart recommendations and have an emergency plan ready."

Be FireSmart and prepare your property to dramatically decrease the chance of wildfire damage. Use the CRD community evacuation guides to learn about local emergency resources and plan for your family's safety. For more information on wildfire preparedness, contact CRD FireSmart or your local fire department.

Juan de Fuca Wildfire Exposure Maps:

Salt Spring Island Wildfire Exposure Map:

Southern Gulf Islands Wildfire Exposure Maps:

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