Rethink Waste

Together, there is a lot we can do to reduce the amount of waste sent to the landfill.

Nearly half of waste sent to Hartland Landfill is not garbage. The easiest way to reduce waste is to avoid purchasing or creating it in the first place. When you need to buy products or materials, the next steps are to reuse, and then recycle so materials can be turned into valuable new products.

The CRD's Solid Waste Management Plan has a target of reducing waste in the region by more than one third over the next decade. Through zero waste and circular economy principles, the plan includes strategies for reducing all streams of solid waste to extend the life of Hartland Landfill to 2100 and beyond.

Explore this section to learn more about what each of us can do, as individuals, businesses, and governments, to significantly reduce and rethink waste.

What's New

2024 Hartland Landfill Policy Changes and Bylaw Updates

Effective July 2, 2024 asphalt shingles and treated wood (painted, stained engineered wood products) will be banned from the garbage. Separated loads of treated wood and separated loads of asphalt shingles will be accepted for recycling or energy recovery at a reduced tipping fee.

Once the policy changes at Hartland Landfill have been fully implemented, 40,500 tonnes of waste a year could be diverted, contributing to reducing the region’s waste by more than one-third.

Rethink Waste Community Grant Spotlight Stories

Discover the driving force behind community change in the capital region, featuring three trailblazing groups turning ideas into action with support from the Rethink Waste Community Grant. The Pender Island Recycling Depot, Soap for Hope Canada, and ReWood community group champion what is possible when we join to make a difference. From grassroots initiatives to established organizations, the grant has empowered a wide array of projects aimed at rethinking waste. 

Do you have an idea to reduce waste in the capital region? Apply for the Rethink Waste Community Grant to receive up to $3,000 towards funding your idea to help reduce the region's waste by more than one third and extend the life of the Hartland Landfill to 2100 and beyond. 

2022 Waste Composition Study

Waste composition studies are completed approximately every five years to provide a snapshot of what is being sent to Hartland Landfill. Results from the report will assist in planning to achieve the 2021 Solid Waste Management Plan waste disposal target of 250kg/capita by 2031, a one third reduction from current levels.

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