readysteprollCRD's Ready Step Roll is an annual Active School Travel Planning initiative that partners with a cohort of approximately five schools and their respective local governments, throughout the Capital Region, to help students and their families walk and wheel to and from school more often.

Thank you to all the schools and local governments that applied to be 2021/22 Ready Step Roll partners. We are currently selecting schools based on the School Selection Criteria.

The application process for the 2022/23 cohort will be open December 2021 to end of January 2022.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Active School Travel Planning?

Active School Travel Planning is a neighbourhood-based, school catchment planning process aimed at increasing rates of students walking and wheeling (bike, scooter, rollerblades, skateboard, wheelchair) or taking the bus fully or part-way to and from school.

Active School Travel Planning initiatives have already been successfully implemented in many communities across Canada and internationally. The “International Best Practices in Regional Planning for School Travel” (Ryerson University, Toronto, April 2016), looks at a number of case studies and key outcomes from around the world.

Why does the CRD offer an active and safe routes to school initiative?

The CRD Board Priorities and Corporate Plan identifies transportation as a key regional priority and envisions residents having access to a convenient, green and affordable multi-modal transportation network that enhances community well-being.

Helping to further this priority, the CRD works with municipalities and school communities in the CRD’s Ready Step Roll – Active School Travel Planning Initiative, to enable and encourage students to walk and wheel more often.

Actions are identified and presented in final Active School Travel Reports before being implemented collaboratively with multiple stakeholders including parents, students, school administration, school boards, transportation planners and engineers, public health agencies and law enforcement.

What are the benefits of the Ready Step Roll initiative?

When students use active transportation everyone wins; we see safer streets with reduced traffic and improve air quality, while creating community connections to support school climate action and student well-being. 

Check out the full list of benefits for students who walk and wheel to and from school (fully or part way!) here: Benefits of Active Travel

Who are the partners involved in the Ready Step Roll initiative?

The CRD works collaboratively with multiple partners to facilitate the development of individual school action plans aimed at creating equitable solutions for identified barriers to active school travel.

To develop plans, the CRD works alongside:

  • Provincial Government Transportation Engineers and Planners
  • Local Government Transportation Engineers and Planners
  • School Communities
    • Principals, PACs, School Districts, Parents, Guardians and Students
  • Local Community Health, Safety, Education, and Enforcement Agencies
    • ICBC, VIHA, Police, Crossing Guards, CRD Traffic Safety Commission, GoByBike, Cycling BC IRide or other local cycle education groups

Upcoming Active Travel Events

GoByBike Week - May 31 to June 6, 2021

Everyone can participate whether riding to school, for an errand or just for fun! Create a class team, family team or register as a school and don't forget to log your rides.

Walk & Wheel to School Week - October 2021

Annually, the CRD Walk & Wheel to School Week is a kick-start campaign held in schools during the first week of October, working to encourage year-round active school travel across the Capital Region.