Active Travel Educational Resources

Plan, Prepare, and Practice travelling actively to school by completing the following resources created for teachers, parents and students. The focus of these activities is to support the development of student physical literacy though road safety education for pedestrians and cyclists.

Neighbourhood Safety Scavenger Hunt

Neighbourhood Safety Scavenger Hunt - Keep your eyes peeled! This resource challenges families to find different infrastructure, traffic signs, special vehicles, and neighbours while you walk through your community. Use it to teach your child about traffic safety or to change up your daily walks.

Move Your Feet on Your Street

Move Your Feet on Your Street - How many ways can you move on your street? We're challenging kids to travel their "home stretch" using as many different forms of active transportation as possible. Includes a warm up brainstorming activity, followed by hands-on learning and finally, thematic-podcasts to help kids wind down after moving.

Ready Step Roll BINGO

Ready Step Roll BINGO - On your marks, get set, BINGO! Challenge family members to be the first player to complete a line on their bingo card while performing different strength building movements, exercises, and stretches to help stay active at home.

Backyard Adventure Course

Backyard Adventure Course - Get creative and see how you can move through your homemade obstacle course! This resource includes ideas on how to transform common household objects and toys into different obstacles for kids to maneuver through in the driveway, backyard, or even the living room!

Online Physical Literacy Resource List

Online Physical Literacy Resource List - a growing master list containing links to websites with ideas and activities to help keep kids active while they develop personal physical literacy. This list will continue to be updated.

CRD Environmental Education - Learn From Home

Check out CRD's other learn from home environmental education designed to raise awareness and encourage thoughtful discussion about a variety of environmental topics.

Ready Step Roll Pogram for Active School Travel Planning

readysteprollReady Step Roll is an 18 month active school travel planning program which helps more students have the option to walk, bike, bus, or roll (skateboard, scooter, wheelchair) to and from school. Students using these forms of travel see improvements in their physical and mental health, social development and academic achievement.

Active school travel planning examines infrastructure, behaviour, enforcement and educational needs on school grounds and in surrounding neighbourhoods, while also tackling traffic safety, air pollution and climate issues.

Each year the CRD funds and develops travel plans for up to five schools in the capital region. Travel plans are developed collaboratively with multiple stakeholders including parents, students, school administration, school boards, transportation planners and engineers, public health agencies and law enforcement.

The five elementary schools participating in the 2019-2020 Ready Step Roll program are: George Jay, Keating, Lake Hill, Rogers and View Royal.

If you have any questions, please email Active School Travel Planning.

School District 64

Southern Gulf Islands

What are Active School Travel Reports?

Active School Travel Plans are developed in collaboration with stakeholders throughout the Ready Step Roll program. These reports summarize the school travel planning process, baseline and follow-up data, consultation and engagement highlights, school action plans and active travel maps for each school that has completed the program.

As of 2020, the Ready Step Roll program has worked with a total of 46 schools across the Capital Region in 11 different municipalities and local electoral areas.