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  • strategic-plan

    Preliminary List of Strategic Priorities Determined for 2015-2018

    Today, the CRD board of directors convened for a full day session in order to advance the development of their regional priorities. Twelve topical areas were explored and more than a hundred desired outcomes and possibilities were debated. From this session, the board will be receiving a report that summarizes the outcomes of the strategic planning process and prioritizes the goals and actions for review at the next scheduled board meeting on April 8, 2015. Read more >>

  • Jordan-River-featured

    CRD in Negotiations with BC Hydro Over Jordan River Lands

    The CRD continues to be in negotiations with BC Hydro with respect to the potential purchase and use of the lands that could be impacted by flood potential caused by a dam failure. BC hydro has previously indicated it would enter into purchase agreements with property holders. The CRD lands at Jordan River are currently accessible to the public, however overnight stays at the campground are suspended until further notice.

  • hockeyville-featured

    Vote Panorama for Hockeyville 2015

    Panorama Recreation is in the running to win Sportsnet’s Kraft Hockeyville 2015, a title that includes $100,000 for arena upgrades and the opportunity to host an NHL® Pre-Season Game! Voting starts this Saturday, March 21 at 8pm PST. Learn more >>

  • Did you know? Forest Baths

    Did you know that there is a practice known as forest bathing? And before you ask, yes you can forest bathe fully clothed! In Japan the practice of taking in the forest atmosphere, or ‘forest bathing’ is a cornerstone of their preventive health care and healing. It’s gaining popularity here too. Watch the Shaw TV Did You Know video featuring a CRD park naturalist explaining the practice of Shinrin-yoku. Read more >>

  • Wastewater Planning

    The first meeting for the Eastside Public Advisory Committee (EPAC) took place on March 18. The EPAC provides guidance to the Eastside Wastewater and Resource Recovery Select Committee on the public consultation process required to develop a sub-regional wastewater and resource recovery plan for Oak Bay, Saanich and Victoria. Learn more about how the CRD is moving forward with wastewater treatment in the Core Area.