The Capital Regional District (CRD) will be working inclusively with Pacheedaht First Nation (PCN) and the Port Renfrew community to update the Port Renfrew Official Community Plan (OCP)

Why an OCP Update?

The Port Renfrew OCP update is an opportunity to re-establish the community’s long-term vision, which will be expressed through objectives and policies that will shape the evolution of Port Renfrew.

An OCP is a community’s most important planning document. It informs key municipal decisions throughout the year that impact how and where we live, our ways of getting around, access to services, protection of the natural environment, and the form, location, and quality of future growth.

The development and adoption of the OCP will be influenced by community engagement, planning best practices, and analysis of environmental, socioeconomic, and demographic information.

Objectives of the project include:

  • Conduct robust and socially inclusive engagement of the Port Renfrew Community
  • Work closely with PFN staff throughout the process
  • Understand the current land use inventory and future trends
  • Establish a clear long-term community vision
  • Develop a policy framework consistent with the community

Topics of the OCP project include:

  • Goals and Objectives
  • Land Use and Housing
  • Transportation and Mobility
  • Parks and Open Space
  • Climate change and Adaptation
  • Community Wellbeing & Placemaking
  • Development Permit Areas and Design Guidelines

Project Process

Develop Consultation Plan (Summer, 2024)  

Develop a detailed consultation plan with input from PFN.

Background Analysis (Summer, 2024) 

Analyse background information and undertake a build-out analysis.

Vision, Issues & Opportunities (Fall, 2024) 

Community consultation, including public events, surveys, and committee meetings.

High level OCP Development (Fall, 2024)

Drafting key objectives and policies consistent with the analysis and community input to date.

Draft OCP Policies and Guidelines (Winter/Spring, 2025) 

Develop a high-level OCP for community consultation and consideration.

Refine and Finalize OCP (Winter/Spring, 2025)

Develop and refine the full draft OCP for community and CRD Board consideration.


Do you have any questions about the project?


Darren Lucas
Planner, Juan de Fuca Local Area Services

Kristine Pearson
Referrals Coordinator, Pacheedaht First Nation
Phone: 250.647.5521 x 2208

Evan Peterson
Lead Consultant,
Barefoot Planning + Design
Phone: 250.216.8402