Public Feedback Encouraged on Draft Elk/Beaver Lake Watershed Management Plan

Feb 11, 2020

Victoria, BC– The Capital Regional District (CRD) has developed a draft watershed management plan for Elk/Beaver Lake to improve water quality in the lake following initial input from community residents, stakeholders, field experts and government partners.

The draft watershed management plan directly addresses external nutrient inputs in the lake that contribute to poor water quality, including frequent algae blooms, invasive plant growth and poor habitat for native wildlife. Having an approved watershed management plan – in addition to a separate in-lake remediation plan –  helps identify ways that landowners, businesses, and residents can work in partnership with local government to implement an action plan to improve the overall health of the lake.

Public engagement has been a key part of developing the draft watershed management plan for Elk/Beaver Lake and, as a result, the CRD welcomes feedback to support the finalization of this plan. To date, the CRD, in collaboration with the District of Saanich, has lead consultation to engage, inform and seek feedback from the public through media outreach, an open house, three public workshops and a number of community presentations and one-on-one consultations with stakeholders. The final stage of consultation includes an online survey, which provides the public an opportunity for input into the draft plan by February 27, 2020 before it is finalized.

About the Elk/Beaver Lake Watershed Management Plan

Two plans are currently underway to improve water quality in Elk/Beaver Lake – an in-lake remediation plan and a watershed management plan. These coordinated plans both aim to reduce high nutrient levels that have deteriorated water quality in the lake. The watershed management plan addresses external sources of nutrients that come from various land use activities around the lake (urban or agricultural) as well as natural processes that bring nutrients into the lake. The in-lake remediation plan addresses internal sources of nutrients that have built up in the lake bottom and are recycled back into the lake water. This plan is currently under development. This multi-pronged, holistic approach addresses both the immediate and long-term needs for the sustainability and health of the lake ecosystem and its many environmental, social, recreational and cultural values.

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