The CRD Animal Shelter has wonderful pets waiting to be welcomed into a good home. If you are looking to adopt a new best friend, please visit the Shelter or fill out an application for one of the animals listed for adoption.

Dogs for Adoption

Inca is a 2 year old black lab mix spayed female. She is a social, energetic, outgoing girl with a zest for adventure. She is not for the first time dog owner as she still needs some training and socializing. She can be a bit insecure with dogs but plays nicely once she knows they are friendly.

Torres is a big, bouncy shepherd lab mix. He is a big goofy guy but needs some training and socializing. He is approximately 90 lbs, young, rambunctious and not trained so can be quite the handful but if you are big dog savvy you will probably adore him. No first time dog owners for this guy please and he is likely going to be too much for small children.

Cats for Adoption

Benton is a 3 year old neutered DLH black male who is a big, gorgeous guy. He gets along with the other cats, is laid back but best suited to a home without young children.

Ruby is a beautiful 1 year old spayed, female, tortoiseshell kitty looking for a place to call home. She is very pretty, young and friendly.

Satina is a lovely young female tabby. She is sweet, friendly and social. Looking for a very pretty pair? Her and Regina adore each other and could make an instant family.

Regina is a young female tabby/white girl who is hard to resist. She is very close with Satina so could be adopted as a pair.

Lambert is a very handsome fellow who is mature, calm and ready for a long lasting relationship. He seems to do fine with the other cats as well. Lambert is a long/medium hared tabby neutered male.

Ranier is a handsome, young, ginger tabby. He is very friendly but a bit shy to start. He gets along with dogs and cats.

Other Animals for Adoption

We currently have a lovely white/red satin rex bunny looking for a home. He has been quarantined and will be vaccinated and neutered before adoption.

We currently have two males budgies available for adoption. One American and one English. Please call the shelter for more details.

Thank You

A great big 'Thank you' to My Best Friend, Pet Photography for kindly donating her time to take photos of the animals at the CRD Animal Shelter.

Where else can I look for pets?

Hours & Location

5401 Pat Bay Highway (three driveways past the Weigh Scale across from Elk Lake).

Viewing Times

1 – 4pm Monday to Saturday. The Shelter is not open on Sundays and holidays.


Tel: 250.658.5745

We are very busy taking care of the animals in the Shelter. If you don’t reach a live person by phone, please leave a message and someone will get back to you as soon as possible. We appreciate your patience.

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Considering adoption?

Please review our Adoption Policy.

Searching for a lost animal?

What to do when you've lost your pet.

Interested in promoting responsible pet ownership?

Check out Citizen Canine, a Victoria area group focused on advocacy, public education, and canine community building.