Alternative Approval Process

Assent Voting (Referendum)

2014 Local Government Elections

General Voting Day for local government elections was on Saturday, November 15, 2014. The CRD held elections for the following positions:
  • Director Juan de Fuca Electoral Area (East Sooke, Malahat, Otter Point, Port Renfrew, Shirley/Jordan River, Willis Point)
  • Director Salt Spring Island Electoral Area
  • Director Southern Gulf Islands Electoral Area (Galiano, Mayne, North Pender, Piers, Saturna, South Pender) 

2014 CRD Director Election Results

2014 Islands Trust Election Results

The CRD also conducted elections on behalf of the Islands Trust for the following positions:

  • Local Trustee Galiano Island Local Trust Area
  • Local Trustee Mayne Island Local Trust Area
  • Local Trustee North Pender Island Local Trust Area
  • Local Trustee South Pender Island Local Trust Area
  • Local Trustee Salt Spring Island Local Trust Area
  • Local Trustee Saturna Island Local Trust Area

To see the results of the Islands Trust elections, go to the Islands Trust website.

Voting Opportunities & Mail Ballot

There were three voting opportunities as well as the availability of mail-in ballots.

List of Electors, Elector Registration & Qualifications

The CRD maintains a list of Non-Resident Property Electors for the Juan de Fuca, Salt Spring Island and Southern Gulf Islands Electoral Areas.  The Provincial Voters List is used for Resident Electors.

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Voter Turn-Out for 2014

  • Salt Spring Island – 30.3%
  • Southern Gulf Islands – 62%
  • Galiano Island – 81%
  • Mayne Island – 52.7%
  • Saturna Island – 71%
  • North Pender Island – 70.6%
  • South Pender Island – 81.6%