The Southern Gulf Islands are a collection of mid-sized islands interspersed with numerous islets located just off the east coast of Vancouver Island. The Southern Gulf Islands of Galiano, Mayne, North and South Pender Islands, Saturna, Piers and associated islands make up an unincorporated rural Electoral Area under the jurisdiction of the Capital Regional District (CRD). The CRD serves as local government for electoral areas and most administrative functions are handled from the Victoria office.

The CRD Board has established, by bylaw, a number of Commissions to provide community input into the delivery of specific CRD services in the EA's. The Board may also establish Committee's to provide advice and recommendations in relation to a CRD service or potential service.

Details on the Commissions and Committees for the Southern Gulf Islands:

  • Commissions and Committees Details
  • Galiano Island Parks & Recreation Commission
  • Mayne Island Parks & Recreation Commission
  • Pender Islands Community Parks & Recreation Commission
  • Saturna Island Parks & Recreation Commission
  • North Galiano Island Fire Protection Committee
  • Southern Gulf Islands Emergency Management Commission
  • Sticks Alison Water Local Service Committee
  • Skana Water Service Committee
  • Surfside Park Estates Water Service Committee
  • Magic Lake Estates Water & Sewer Local Services Committee
  • Lyall Harbour/Boot Cove Water Local Services Committee
  • Southern Gulf Islands Ferry Advisory Committee
  • Southern Gulf Islands Harbour Commission
  • Southern Gulf Islands Library Committee
  • Southern Gulf Islands Community Economic Sustainability Commission

More information on the services and administrative functions offered on the Southern Gulf Islands by the CRD:

Transit Feasibility Study


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The Southern Gulf Island Electoral Area Director, David Howe, is the area's representative at the CRD Regional Board and on various CRD commissions. Director Howe was re-elected in October 2018 for a 4 year term.