Opportunities Open to the Public


Number Competition Closing Date Share
19/022 Salt Spring Island Apply
19/095 Downtown (Core) 17/Jun/2019 Apply
19/057 Westshore Apply
19/119 Downtown (Core) 21/Jun/2019 Apply
19/115 Downtown (Core) Apply
19/116 Downtown (Core) Apply
19/117 Downtown (Core) Apply
19/104 Sooke Apply
19/102 Downtown (Core) Apply
19/103 Downtown (Core) Apply
19/113 Downtown (Core) Apply
19/039 Salt Spring Island Apply
19/107 Downtown (Core) 30/Jun/2019 Apply
19/040 Downtown (Core) 30/Jun/2019 Apply
19/121 Downtown (Core) Apply


Number Competition Closing Date Share
19/094 Westshore Apply
19/044 Salt Spring Island Apply
19/058 Downtown (Core) Apply
18/271 Saanich Peninsula Apply
19/122 Westshore Apply
19/098 Saanich Peninsula Apply
19/099 Saanich Peninsula Apply
19/106 Downtown (Core) 05/Jun/2019 Apply
18/228 Saanich Peninsula Apply
18/219 Salt Spring Island Apply
18/153 Sooke Apply
19/084 Downtown (Core) Apply
19/048 Saanich Peninsula Apply
19/047 Saanich Peninsula Apply
19/049 Saanich Peninsula Apply
19/081 Saanich Peninsula Apply
19/069 Downtown (Core) Apply
19/059 Downtown (Core) Apply
19/101 Downtown (Core) 04/Jun/2019 Apply

Opportunities Open to Current CRD Employees Only

You must be a current employee of the CRD to be considered for these opportunities

Number Competition Closing Date Share
19/120 Westshore 28/May/2019 Apply
19/118 Westshore 28/May/2019 Apply

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