Opportunities Open to the Public


Number Competition Closing Date Share
17/065 Downtown (Core) 03/Apr/2017 Apply
17/074 Downtown (Core) 07/Apr/2017 Apply
17/032 Downtown (Core) 03/Apr/2017 Apply
17/047 Downtown (Core) 07/Apr/2017 Apply
17/080 Downtown (Core) 07/Apr/2017 Apply
17/070 Downtown (Core) 31/Mar/2017 Apply
17/075 Downtown (Core) 31/Mar/2017 Apply
17/067 Downtown (Core) 04/Apr/2017 Apply
17/079 Downtown (Core) 07/Apr/2017 Apply

Competitions by Executive Search

Job Description (PDF) Closing Date Apply Online
Manager, Enterprise Resource Planning (SAP)   n/a


Number Competition Closing Date Share
16/125 Sooke Apply
16/024 Sooke Apply
17/053 Sooke 31/Mar/2017 Apply
17/076 Downtown (Core) 03/Apr/2017 Apply
17/055 Sooke 31/Mar/2017 Apply
17/054 Sooke 31/Mar/2017 Apply
17/052 Sooke 31/Mar/2017 Apply

Opportunities Open to Current CRD Employees Only

You must be a current employee of the CRD to be considered for these opportunities

Number Competition Closing Date Share
No opportunities at this time.
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