The Capital Regional District (CRD) is administered and managed by the Executive Leadership Team, which consists of officers of the corporation appointed by the Board. Members of the team ensure effective and efficient organizational alignment and policy. The team has administrative responsibility and delegated authority to manage and coordinate various programs, projects and initiatives and makes decisions to support overarching corporate goals that are in the best interests of the organization as a whole.

Chief Administrative Officer (CAO)

ted-robbinsTed Robbins, CAO

The CAO ensures Board policies and direction are implemented, oversees the operations and functions of the CRD and aligns the organization to achieve strategic priorities set by the Board. The CAO also provides leadership to the Executive Leadership Team (ELT) and staff.

Executive Leadership Team

The Executive Leadership Team (ELT) is led by the Chief Administrative Officer and includes the Chief Financial Officer, Corporate Officer and General Managers as the officers of the corporation responsible for aligning services, programs and activities with strategic priorities. Members of the ELT are delegated by the Board to ensure the effective management of resources and are responsible for organizational and individual service area results and performance.

larisa-hutchesonLarisa Hutcheson, General Manager of Parks & Environmental Services

The GM of Parks & Environmental Services is responsible for establishing and delivering programs and services that comprehensively focus on policies and initiatives that protect and enhance the capital region’s parks, recreation and environment including solid and liquid waste management, climate action and stewardship.

Ian Jesney, Acting General Manager of Integrated Water Services

The GM of Integrated Water services is responsible for the operation, maintenance, infrastructure engineering and capital improvements for the regional water and wastewater systems in the CRD, as well as the water and wastewater systems in the local service areas of the CRD.

kevin-loretteKevin Lorette, General Manager of Planning and Protective Services

The GM of Planning and Protective Services is responsible for services and programs for regional planning, local area community planning, health facilities planning, emergency preparedness, bylaw enforcement, animal care and building inspection, as well as the Housing Secretariat and the administrative role that oversees the Capital Region Housing Corporation.

nelson-chanNelson Chan, Chief Financial Officer

The Chief Financial Officer (CFO) is responsible for overseeing all fiscal and fiduciary responsibilities for the CRD and CRHD, including budget and financial services, arts development, assets, risk management, and information technology and geographic information services (GIS). The CFO carries out responsibilities in conjunction with the Board of Directors and the finance, audit, and investment committees of the board.

kristin-morleyKristen Morley, General Manager of Corporate Services

The GM of Corporate Services is responsible for legislative and information services; legal services, risk and insurance; real estate and property services; Southern Gulf Islands Electoral Area administration; and First Nations relations. In addition, the GM of Corporate Services is designated as Corporate Officer as outlined in the Local Government Act.