Moorage fees are charged at all docks. It is the vessel operator's responsibility to remit fees, either by depositing daily, overnight or monthly fees in the payment box, or by contacting the local Wharfinger to arrange payment for longer-term moorage.

Rates, instructions and remittance envelopes are located on the notice board.

Short Term Moorage Fees

(excludes Salt Spring Island Fernwood Dock)

Day (2-12 hrs) Overnight (12-24 hrs)
$0.50 / foot $1.00 / foot

Pre-Paid Long Term Moorage Fees

Reserved Berths

On some docks there are opportunities for reserved berths. The moorage fee for reserved berths is 1.5 times the applicable monthly, quarterly or annual fee below.


Monthly Quarterly Annually
$5.80 / foot $15.40 / foot $55.30 / foot


Monthly Quarterly Annually
$30 $80 $280

Springline Moorage System

Monthly Quarterly
$75 $210

Please contact the wharfinger to arrange payment for long-term moorage.
Reserved berths are available at some docks with a 50% premium.

Short Term Zone Fees:
Where a short-term zone exists on a dock, the daily rate will apply. No monthly, quarterly or annual rates are available for these zones.

Moorage at a Short-Term Zone or at the Swartz Bay dock cannot exceed 72 consecutive hours in a 30-day period.

Monthly, quarterly or annual moorage licence holders may apply for a monthly, quarterly or annual moorage for the same vessel at a second dock for an additional payment of one half the moorage fee paid at the first dock.

Commercial Rates

Water Taxi and Charter Boats
Yearly prepaid moorage rate of $62.50.

Loading/unloading fees: of $27 per month, and $260 per year based on for 3-15 landings per month.

Landings per Month Monthly Annually
0-2   No Charge  No Charge
 3-15  $27  $260
 16-30  $45  $440
31+  $72  $720

Where a person has obtained a license to operate a water taxi or charter boat and pays monthly or annual landing fees and provides a regularly scheduled published service between two docks using the same vessel no landing fees are required on the second dock.


Loading/unloading fee of $20 per landing in excess of two landings per airport per year for casual use by seaplanes.

Yearly prepaid rate of $62.50.

Landings per Year per Airport Annual Fee per Airport
3-48 $270
49-200 $520
200+ $720