New Account Customers

Apply for a Registered Account

Completed Credit Application Forms may be faxed to CRD Accounts Receivable (*Please note that the form may not be fillable in Firefox 19.0 and higher): Fax or mail to:
CRD Finance
PO Box 1000
Victoria, BC V8W 2S6
Fax Number: 250.360.3023

Please allow two weeks for your application to be processed. Terms of credit on a monthly billing system are net 30 days. Payments on accounts can be made by cash, cheque and electronic banking.

Once approved, account holders can register at the weigh scales for an automated weigh scale access card. An encoded access card will be affixed to the front window of your vehicle.

Only account customers may access the active face area before 9am, Monday to Friday.

Continuing Account Holders

Access Cards

Your access card identifies your account, and once recognized by the card reader, the transaction will commence. Each transaction has a number, which will also be printed on the ticket.

At the same time, cameras record the transaction and embed the ticket number, weights, times, etc. on the recorded images. One camera is mounted high enough to record images of the load, while another camera is mounted lower to identify the driver and the license plate. Images can be retrieved by the ticket number, almost instantly.

In case of a discrepancy, registered account customers can refer to their ticket number and all of the data will be made available to cross-reference.

Automated Weigh Scale Procedures

  1. From Monday to Friday between the hours of 7 and 9am, registered account customers enter Hartland on the in-bound scale and stop before the weigh scale at the stop sign. (Note: Vehicles with roll-off containers will be required to weigh in and out.)
  2. When the traffic light turns green, you can proceed, driving completely onto the weigh scale.
  3. An input pad is mounted to the scale house next to the driver’s window. You enter the code for the source of your load (Saanich, Victoria, etc.) and the system measures the weight of your vehicle and load. A message board provides the necessary information to proceed. A gate will then rise so that you can proceed to the active face.
  4. To exit, you drive over the out-bound weigh scale and the system will scan your access card. A ticket will be printed for you when the transaction is complete.

Truck identification

To prevent unauthorized charges on your account, only trucks with your company logo will be allowed to tip on this account. Note: Third party haulers will not be allowed to charge on your account. For any of your employees who will be driving unmarked vehicles, you must provide us with a list of authorized vehicle license plate numbers which will be used for verification by staff at the landfill scale.

Contact Us

CRD Information Line
Tel: 360.3030 or
1.800.663.4425 local 3030