New Material Sorting Rules

Effective July 2, 2024 asphalt shingles and treated wood (painted, stained engineered wood products) will not be accepted as regular garbage. Separated loads of treated wood and separated loads of asphalt shingles will be accepted for recycling or energy recovery at a reduced tipping fee. Read the media release or factsheet for more details. 

About Hartland Landfill

Hartland landfill is owned and operated by the CRD and is located about 14 km northwest of Victoria.

Rates & Accepted Items

Many recyclable and reusable materials are accepted for free, and other materials are pay-by-weight.

Hours, Location & Webcam

Hartland operates Monday through Saturday and is closed on Statutory holidays. The facility is located at #1 Hartland Avenue.

Public Drop-off Depot

Residential and commercial customers in vehicles under 5,500kg GVW can drop off recyclables, household hazardous waste, reusable items, yard and garden material, and mattresses, as well as small loads of garbage.

Household Hazardous Waste

Hartland public drop-off depot accepts many common types of residential HHW for free and safe disposal.

Permits & Pre-Approvals

Certain types of waste, such as renovation and demolition waste, controlled wastes and asbestos, waste may require permits, pre-approvals or appointments before being brought to Hartland.

Banned Items

A list of materials that are strictly prohibited from landfill disposal at Hartland.

Commercial Customers

Information for new or current customers, including frequently asked questions and an application form.

Environmental Monitoring

The Hartland Landfill Environmental Programs provide a comprehensive program to monitor and evaluate the effects of landfilling operations on the environment.

Upcoming Solid Waste Market Research and Engagement Surveys

The Capital Regional District (CRD) is launching three surveys to explore attitudes and behaviours on waste management:

  • Resident Survey (July 17th – August 14th)
  • Business Survey (July 17th – August 14th)
  • Hartland Public Drop-off Depot Survey (July 24th – August 21st)


These surveys, conducted by R.A. Malatest & Associates Ltd., aim to understand how residents and businesses view waste reduction and management to better improve our education and outreach initiatives. If you received an invitation or use the Hartland Public Drop-off Depot, we encourage you to participate!

For more information, visit or email

Expanded Hours Pilot

Hartland Landfill’s new Saturday hours are 7am to 5pm, adding three extra hours (2pm - 5pm) for a one-year pilot period.

Cover Your Load

All loads must be covered and secured in order to reduce litter on roadways. Vehicles arriving with uncovered and/or unsecured loads will be charged double the normal fee or be subject to a fine.

Renovation and Demolition Waste

Hartland Landfill accepts clean (non-asbestos containing) renovation waste for disposal through a pre-approval application for residential loads, and through a clean demo permit for commercial and/or self tipping loads. Read more >>