Executive Services

Under the direction of the Chief Administrative Officer, Executive Services includes the Office of the CAO, Human Resources & Corporate Safety, Corporate Communications, and Salt Spring Island Administration.

Corporate Services

Led by the General Manager of Corporate Services, this department includes First Nations Relations, Information Services, Legal Services, Legislative Services, Risk & Insurance Management, Real Estate Services, and Southern Gulf Islands Administration.

Finance & Technology

Led by the Chief Financial Officer, this department includes Financial Services, Information Technology and GIS Services, Arts Development, and Asset Management.

Integrated Water Services

Led by the General Manager of Integrated Water Services, this department includes Customer & Technical Services, Infrastructure Operations, Watershed Protection, and Infrastructure Engineering.

Parks & Environmental Services

Led by the General Manager of Parks & Environmental Services, this department includes Environmental Protection, Environmental Resource Management, Facilities Management & Engineering Services, Panorama Recreation, Regional Park, and SEAPARC.

Planning & Protective Services

Led by the General Manager of Planning and Protective Services, this department includes Building Inspection, Protective Services, Health & Capital Planning Strategies, Regional Housing, Juan de Fuca Electoral Area Planning, and Regional & Strategic Planning.