Project Type Liquid Waste
Project Status Design
Project Area Southern Gulf Islands
Estimated Cost $7,709,350
Estimated Start Date 18-Jan-2022
Estimated End Date 01-Dec-2023
Estimated Duration 12 months
Contracted To / Performed By McElhanney Ltd. (Consulting Engineer)


The Sewer Upgrades project for the Magic Lake Estates Sewer Service reached construction completion in December 2021. Refer to the project update in Additional Information for more information.

The Magic Lake Estates (MLE) Sewer Service upgrade works have been underway over the last couple years to address the issues facing the aging and failing infrastructure. Condition of the MLE wastewater infrastructure has been documented in past reports and presented at a number of Public Open Houses held on November 22, 2014, June 6, 2015, and February 27, 2016. For works completed to date, refer to Additional Information.

Green Infrastructure - Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program Grant
In February 2020, the CRD submitted an application under the Green Infrastructure – Investing in Canada Program for $5.65 million in funding that would enable most all of the $12 million work presented at the April 27, 2019 open house (see slides 11-15 on the Information Boards under Additional Information). On September 22, 2021, the grant application was approved. This funding, along with the MLE Sewer Committee's allocated funds, will support the wastewater pump station and treatment plant upgrades. 

This next phase of the upgrades will be focused at the following facilities:

  • Schooner Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP)
  • Cannon WWTP
  • Masthead Pump Station
  • Galleon Pump Station
  • Cutlass Pump Station
  • Buccaneer Pump Station
  • Schooner Pump Station
  • Capstan Pump Station

The design phase was initiated in early January 2022 and is anticipated to be completed in fall of 2022. The project will decommission Cannon WWTP and replace it with a pump station to divert flows for treatment at Schooner WWTP.  Schooner WWTP will be upgraded to treat flows from Cannon and include replacement of other equipment to improve health & safety and overall reliability.  At each of the pump station's most of the mechanical and electrical components will be replaced.

Below are the next steps for the project. Refer back to this webpage for updates as the design and construction work advances.

Complete preliminary design

February to April 2022

Complete detailed design

May to September 2022

Issue a Tender to retain a contractor

October 2022 to December 2022

Construction period

January 2023 to December 2023

Testing, Commission and complete close-out documents

January to February 2024

Warranty review and correct deficiencies

February 2024 to February 2025

Whats New

Last updated March 8

  • Magic Lake Sewer 2021 Project Overview added under Additional Information
  • 2022 Wastewater Pump Station and Treatment Plant Upgrades information 

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