Oil to Heat Pump Top-Up Incentive Program Expanded and Extended

Oct 27, 2016

Victoria, BC– The Capital Regional District (CRD) is pleased to announce that in response to high demand, it is expanding the number of incentives available for capital region residents who participate in the Province’s Oil to Heat Pump Incentive Program and extending the deadline to October 2017. The District of Saanich is also increasing the number of incentives available.

The Provincial Oil to Heat Pump Incentive Program offers up to $1,700 per home to help BC residents who switch from oil heating to an efficient heat pump. To access the provincial funding, participants are also required to complete EnerGuide home evaluations before and after upgrades. The typical total cost for the required home evaluations is $575.

Since October 2015, the CRD has offered additional first-come, first-serve incentives of $150 each to capital region residents participating in the Provincial program for EnerGuide assessments. The District of Saanich has offered a further $150 incentive to Saanich residents for a total of $300. 

The program expansion will provide a $150 incentive each for 60 capital region residents (above the initial 125) and the District of Saanich will offer a $150 incentive each for 40 District of Saanich residents (above the initial 50). Together with the provincially funded program, Capital Region residents can access up to $1,850 in rebates and District of Saanich residents can access a total of $2,000 for making the switch from oil heating to an efficient heat pump.

Upgrading from oil heating to heat pumps delivers multiple benefits, including:

  • Achieving significant greenhouse gas emission reductions – similar to taking a car off the road for every year the heat pump is in operation;
  • Providing comfortable and consistent home heating and cooling year round;
  • Reducing heating oil spills, which can cause damage to local waterways, can be very costly for homeowners, and are often not covered by insurance;
  • Improving the affordability of housing in the CRD thanks to reduced heating costs.

The Oil to Heat Pump Incentive Program is funded by the Ministry of Energy and Mines’ Innovative Clean Energy Fund and is administered by City Green Solutions. 

To learn more, or to register for the Oil-to-Heat Pump Incentive Program and access the CRD and District of Saanich incentives, visit www.crd.bc.ca/oil-to-heat. To learn more about CRD Climate Action and Integrated Watershed Management programming, visit www.crd.bc.ca

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