Physical Literacy Markings - Coming to a Recreation Centre Near You!

May 28, 2019

Victoria, BC – The Physical Literacy Indoor and Outdoor Markings Regional Initiative project is rolling out this summer in thirteen recreation centres throughout the region. In 2018, via the regional Health and Recreation Partnership Committee, the Greater Victoria Active Communities were awarded a Community Wellness Grant from Island Health to fund the project. Spearheaded by Community Recreation Coordinators at Panorama Recreation, the project entailed development of semi-permanent markings for installation at recreation centres throughout the region that would highlight particular fundamental movement skills, foundational in development of physical literacy. 

Participating centres had the opportunity to choose indoor or outdoor markings scaled and suitable for their spaces from a selection of colourful standardized templates. Finalized designs include line and zig zag patterns for running, balancing and walking, foot prints for skipping, and lines, dots and lily pads for one and two foot hopping. It is intended that the markings will not only provide an engaging physical literacy activity for centre visitors, but also serve as an educational and conversational piece for continued sharing of the importance of physical literacy and fundamental movement skill development.

Like reading and writing, movement is a learned skill, and as the International Physical Literacy Association defines, physical literacy encompasses the motivation, confidence, physical competence, knowledge and understanding to value and take responsibility for engagement in physical activities for life. All complex movement patterns, like striking a baseball or dribbling a soccer ball, are comprised of smaller foundational movements, and like learning the ABCs and 123s, mastering the fundamental movement skills at an early age sets individuals up for successful and enjoyed lifelong participation in physical activity.

Starting in June, participating centres will proudly be unveiling their indoor and/or outdoor markings. Centres will have staff on-site to introduce community members to the markings and to share some information about physical literacy and the fundamental movement skills. Healthy snacks will also be provided.

The Health and Recreation Partnership is a unique regional committee that includes representation from Island Health and the seven recreation providers serving Greater Victoria. Representatives meet bimonthly to discuss partnership and collaboration opportunities that address health promotion, prevention and service delivery.

The Island Health Community Wellness Granting Program provides opportunities to create local partnerships to address the health and wellness of the population. As the value of health promotion and education for illness and injury prevention becomes more widely recognized, Island Health wants to continue to work with community partners to positively influence people and community well-being - promoting health together. Community Wellness Grants support local government, aboriginal and community non-profit organizations in offering Healthy Aging, Positive Mental Health, Social and Family Connectedness, Healthy Eating and Physical Activity initiatives.




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