CRD Releases 2015 Annual Report

Jun 09, 2016

Victoria, BC– The Capital Regional District (CRD) released its Annual Report today, outlining key accomplishments, service delivery results and progress toward strategic priorities for the region as identified by the CRD Board.

The report highlights a broad range of individual services, programs and projects that individually and collectively made progress on achieving the priorities of the CRD Board and while providing for the efficient and effective delivery of services to residents of the region.

The report also includes the activities of the CRD’s corporate entities, the Capital Regional Hospital District (CRHD) and Capital Region Housing Corporation (CRHC), and the many CRD appointed Commissions.

The CRD manages and delivers region-wide, sub-regional and local services and sub-services directly and in partnership with municipalities, electoral areas, First Nations and many other agencies and volunteers.

An overview of the work and accomplishments of the CRD and financial highlights in the Annual Report are supplemented by service-specific annual reports and audited financial statements available online at

Celebrating 50 years! The CRD delivers regional, sub-regional and local services to 13 municipalities and three electoral areas on southern Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands. Governed by a 24 member Board of Directors, the CRD works collaboratively with First Nations and all levels of government to enable sustainable growth, enhance community well-being, and develop cost-effective infrastructure while continuing to provide core services to residents throughout the region.


For media inquiries, please contact:
Andy Orr, Senior Manager
CRD Corporate Communications
Tel: 250.360.3229
Cell: 250.216.5492

CRD Core Service Fact Sheet

The CRD has a skilled workforce of more than 900 employees and works with service contractors and a network of more than 1,600 registered volunteers, making it a significant employer in the region.

Below are a few facts about CRD service delivery in 2015. You can find more information on our services at

  • Approximately 4000 people were housed through regional social housing
  • The CRD has had carbon neutral regional operations since 2012
  • Approximately 30,000 drinking water quality tests are conducted each year
  • The CRD had a 347 kilograms regional per capita disposal rate
  • More than 1,100 regional recreation programs are provided annually
  • The CRD has received 33 safety awards and recognitions over the last 13 years
  • 47.7M m3 of drinking water was delivered through the regional water supply system
  • There were over 2.6 million unique visits to the CRD website
  • 3,500 environmental samples were collected for analysis
  • The average gas capture rate was 1,085 ft3/min, capable of producing enough electricity to power 1,100 homes
  • $9.25 million was invested in health capital infrastructure
  • 112,186 regional 911 calls were handled
  • $2.2 million of arts funding was distributed to 122 organizations
  • $52.9 million was invested in capital projects
  • 570 regional parks interpretive programs were hosted
  • $473,650 for cycling and walking infrastructure improvement projects was distributed to 7 municipalities and 1 electoral area
  • The CRD owned and operated 1,286 affordable housing units
  • An average of 100 million litres of wastewater was collected and discharged every day between two sub-regional systems