CRD Redeveloping Mountain Bike Area at Mount Work

Jun 03, 2016

Victoria, BC–- The Capital Regional District (CRD) is redeveloping the mountain bike technical training area at Mount Work Regional Park – Hartland. The redesigned area will have improved technical trail features that represent the terrain on the park trails. The technical structures will be constructed to mimic trail features that exist in the park. This will be a good practice area for riders of all levels to develop their skills before riding on the mountain bike trails. The facility will be built to International Mountain Biking Association standards. CRD Regional Parks anticipates the technical training area will reopen in August 2016.

As part of the construction project, a riparian zone around Killarney Creek will be established, invasive plants in the construction area will be removed and the area will be replanted with native species. A new kiosk with information and a map of the trails will be installed. Estimated completion for this phase is winter 2017.

The Technical Training Area is an active work site and only authorized personnel are permitted. Visitors are asked to use caution around trucks and heavy equipment travelling through the area.

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Attachment: Construction Drawing (PDF)


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