CRD Approves Terms of Reference for Wastewater Project Board

May 25, 2016

Victoria, BC– At the Capital Regional District (CRD) Board meeting today, directors approved Terms of Reference for the new Core Area Wastewater Treatment Project Board.

The Terms of Reference sets out the roles, responsibilities and function of the Project Board and provides a framework that includes the Project vision and goals, guiding principles and values, meeting protocols, and identifies those matters that must be referred to the CRD Board for approval.

The vision for the Project Board, as defined in the Terms of Reference, includes delivering a sewage treatment and resource recovery system that is innovative, achievable and optimizes benefits - economic, social and environmental (including climate change mitigation) - for the long term. The Project Board will approach the project from the perspective that waste materials should be treated as resources and managed as such, with a long term objective to create a system that supports the principles of Integrated Resource Management (IRM). The Project Board will give consideration to, and reflect, public input received with an objective of being responsive to community values and concerns.

The role of the Project Board is to:

  1. Be responsible for overall planning, project management, site acquisition, expenditures, and liquid waste management planning for the purposes of the Project.
  2. Select a Project Director to oversee all aspects of the Project.
  3. Provide direction and guidance to the Project Director on Project matters, including the development of a decision making framework, business priorities, strategies and resource approval, and appropriate project controls and reporting procedures.
  4. Manage the development of a comprehensive Business Case for submission to the federal and provincial governments to confirm funding to proceed to project implementation.
  5. Appoint or confirm advisors including fairness advisor and conflict of interest adjudicator.
  6. Oversee Project scope, schedule and budget as the Project progresses through planning, procurement and implementation phases, with particular attention to risk identification and risk management.
  7. Work with the Project Director to resolve material issues that may arise over the course of the Project.
  8. Oversee Project communications, information and consultation activities.

"With the scope and parameters for the project board established and with the strong foundation of technical information and extensive public consultation to draw on, I have full confidence the Project Board will recommend an innovative, cost effective project that encourages solutions for today and tomorrow’s climate change concerns as well as providing other environmental benefits,” said CRD Board Chair Barbara Desjardins.

Approval of the Project Board allows the project to move forward with the proposed organizational structure and appointment of key resources, including the Project Director. The Project Board appointments will be announced within the next few days and will take on the Project immediately with delegated authority to undertake all aspects of planning, site acquisition project management and expenditures.

The CRD Board continues to have overall accountability for the Project and will be responsible for approving the final Business Case to submit to the federal and provincial governments. The CRD Board will also maintain responsibility for any changes that could affect scope, schedule and budget.  

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