CRD Begins Restoration at Thetis Lake Pistol Range

May 05, 2016

Victoria, BC– The Capital Regional District (CRD) is in the final phase of returning the former pistol range site at Thetis Lake Regional Park to naturalized parkland.

For over 100 years, various police forces, security companies and gun clubs used this area as a firing range. Ownership and management of the site were transferred to the CRD in 1994 as part of Thetis Lake Regional Park. All pistol and gun club activities ceased in 1999. The area contaminated by the activities of the pistol range is 0.75 hectares.

“This former shooting range site at Thetis Lake Regional Park was deemed contaminated under provincial legislation and required remediation due to metals from bullets and casings,” said Mike Walton, CRD Regional Parks Senior Manager. “The CRD committed to addressing the contamination to ensure public safety.”

The CRD remediated the site in 2014. A subsequent risk assessment determined that the site now has no unacceptable risks for human health or the environment based on provincial parkland standards. During site remediation, surface soils were excavated, and soil berms dismantled. The contaminated soil was removed from the site where remediation occurred and will now be replaced with clean organic soil and woody debris. Work includes improving surface water drainage and soil conditions, replanting native vegetation and water quality monitoring of the remediated area.

“The former pistol range is an active work site,” said Walton. “We want to caution park visitors and park neighbours to use caution around trucks and heavy equipment travelling through the area hauling organic soil and large woody debris for site restoration.”

The total budget for the Thetis Lake Pistol Range site remediation project is $787,330, which includes $74,720 from a BC Brownfields Renewal grant.

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