CRD Board Receives findings of Onsite Wastewater Management Program Independent Review

Oct 19, 2015

Victoria, BC – A five-year review of the Capital Regional District’s (CRD) Onsite Wastewater Management Program (OWMP) was recently presented to the Core Area Liquid Waste Management Committee (CALWMC). The CRD has seven liquid waste management programs that form part of the Core Area Liquid Waste Management Program.

The OWMP is a pollution prevention program that aims to protect public health and safety, local surface and groundwater resources, and the environment. It was established in 2008 and is the first of its kind in BC. The focus of the program is on reducing the number of malfunctioning onsite wastewater systems by promoting proper care and maintenance, and regulating pump-out frequency. The program provides a combination of education and regulation to support septic system owners in maintaining their privately-owned onsite wastewater treatment systems.

“The CRD’s Onsite program has been recognized as a leader in the field of septic management,” said Lisa Helps, Chair of the CALWMC. “This is one of the programs that marks progress on the next steps with regard to wastewater treatment. This program reinforces our priority to ensure responsible management of wastewater for the core area, including septic systems.”

Commissioned in 2014 and completed in 2015, the findings and recommendation of this independent review are provided in the Five-Year Review of the CRD’s Onsite Wastewater Management Program (2009-2013) by Kerr Wood Leidal Associates Ltd. Based on recommendations from the report, a four-year implementation plan has been developed for the period of 2016-2019.

In its first five years of full implementation, the onsite program has achieved an 85% compliance rate with regulatory requirements and has had a strongly favourable response to its education and outreach component.

Key findings from the report include:

  • BC’s first and only local government regulatory framework for onsite wastewater management was implemented, substantially achieving the overall OWMP goal.
  • All mandated and measurable liquid waste management plan commitments were achieved through the review period, contributing significantly to the program’s overall OWMP goal.
  • Significant program milestones were achieved, including the transition from an outreach program to the addition of a regulatory component, with 85% reporting compliance.

View the Program Review here.

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