Details for Potential Eastside Wastewater Treatment Sites Released

May 22, 2015

Victoria, BC – More information is now available to help the public offer informed input on the technically feasible wastewater treatment sites in Saanich, Oak Bay and Victoria.

Last week, as part of a public engagement process, the municipalities of Oak Bay, Saanich and Victoria provided the Eastside Wastewater and Resource Recovery Select Committee (Eastside Select Committee) with a long list of potential wastewater treatment sites. Today the East Side Select Committee released more detail about each of the specifically identified sites. Details include technical information as well as potential benefits and drawbacks of each site for wastewater treatment and resource recovery systems.

 “We’ve been hearing from members of the public that they want more information on the sites,” said Lisa Helps, Chair of the Eastside Select Committee. “With the more in depth site analysis we’re releasing today, people can see the opportunities, benefits and limitations of each potential site and can use these to help inform their input.”

Members of the public can dig into this new information, learn more and give input at the two siting and technical charrettes which will be taking place:

  • Saturday, May 30, 10am at University of Victoria, Cadboro Commons building,
  • Sunday, May 31, 10am at Victoria Conference Centre.

“The point of releasing this more detailed site information is to allow the public to begin to layer their own values, desired outcomes, and knowledge onto the sites provided,” said Helps. “Participants at these interactive sessions will have an opportunity to learn more about wastewater treatment and resource recovery and to offer detailed input on site selection, technology selection, and desired outcomes for the project.”

The public can also provide feedback by completing the Eastside Select Committee’s online survey that will be open until June 1 and by emailing Information gathered from the public will be used to narrow down the list of sites.

The details about each of the sites will provide the public with an initial overview of information in order to promote further public dialogue. The information that is being presented includes:

  • Baseline information – area (facility sizing), elevation, zoning, current use, future land use
  • Site considerations and opportunities – archaeology, seismic, ecological, historic site, water reuse, heat recovery
  • Cost considerations – land, conveyance (piping to and away from the site)
  • Distance to Truck Routes / Arterial Roads
  • OCP factors – policies, future growth, DP areas
  • Overall considerations – access and infrastructure, land and amenities, resource recovery

 For site information and the Eastside Select Committee Survey visit

The Eastside Select Committee is an official sub-committee of the Capital Regional District.  The participants (Oak Bay, Saanich and Victoria) are working to identify solutions for wastewater treatment and resource recovery that meet the unique needs of the eastside in a proactive and timely way. The Eastside Select Committee will develop a plan for the eastside that, in combination with the plan from the Westside Select Committee, could form the basis for an amendment to the Core Area Liquid Waste Management Plan (CALWMP).


For media inquiries, please contact:
Lisa Helps
Chair, East Side Select Committee