Name That Trail Contest Results Announced!

Nov 09, 2011

Victoria, BC – The Name That Trail contest results were announced today by the CRD Board. The Capital Regional District’s next regional trail will retain its historic working name – with a connection.

“A public jury has unanimously recommended the name E&N Rail Trail – Humpback Connector for the regional trail,’” said Geoff Young, Chair of the Board. “We appreciate the jury’s efforts and insight that went into their selection.”

CRD Regional Parks, in partnership with CFAX 1070, held a community contest to name the new regional trail being constructed along the railway corridor between Victoria and the Westshore. The working title E&N Rail Trail was also a candidate. 206 entries were submitted and a public jury was selected to recommend a winning name to the CRD Regional Parks Committee and CRD Board.

In its deliberations, the jury noted that the CRD is one of several regional districts on the island in which trails will be built within the E&N railway corridor running from Victoria to Courtenay. It was the jury’s vision to connect them with the singular name E&N Rail Trail. A further recommendation was that the trail in the CRD be called the “Humpback Connector and that as the trail system expands, communities be encouraged to select names for their own sections.

“Congratulations to Nancy Chiu of Victoria for her winning entry for the CRD section. I also want to thank the jury members and all who entered the contest,” said Christopher Causton, Chair of the CRD Regional Parks Committee, who sat on the jury. “This next regional trail will be an important multi-use commuter link. With construction of the trail underway, this is an opportune time to create awareness, enthusiasm and support for it.”

The E&N Rail Trail – Humpback Connector is a commuter cycling and recreation trail that is being built largely within the rail corridor in Victoria, Esquimalt, View Royal and Langford. Phase One is underway, consisting of a 14.3 kilometre contiguous route from Esquimalt Road in Victoria to Jacklin Road in Langford. It is slated for completion in 2012. Future phases will see the trail stretch from the Johnson Street Bridge in Victoria to Humpback Road in Langford. The first rail-with-trail in the region, it will form a key part of the trail network managed by the Capital Regional District, which includes the popular Galloping Goose and Lochside regional trails.


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