CRD Upholds Regional Growth Strategy Tenets in Central Saanich

Aug 11, 2011

Victoria, BC - The Capital Regional District (CRD) Board voted today to deny acceptance of the Central Saanich Peninsula Co-op Supermarket Official Community Plan (OCP) amendment. The Board has determined that the proposed amendment to the Regional Context Statement (RCS) within the OCP is not consistent with the CRD’s overarching planning document, the Regional Growth Strategy (RGS).

The applicant has applied to amend the OCP and zoning bylaw to facilitate the development of a large retail food market (40,000sqft in size); the subject site is designated rural and is located outside the Urban Settlement Area in the OCP. The site is also located outside the Regional Urban Containment and Servicing Policy Area (RUCSPA) under the RGS.

Central Saanich council asked the CRD to review the proposed changes to their RCS as proposed changes to approved municipal context statements must be consistent with the RGS and be accepted by the CRD Board. The evaluation of the proposal highlighted significant servicing policy concerns; the proposal would unnecessarily enlarge the RUCSPA boundary in Central Saanich and is contrary to many RGS policies.

“This is a decision the Board does not take lightly.” said CRD Board Chair Geoff Young, “Implications of the proposed amendment could potentially open the door to sprawl by unnecessary expansion of the Regional Urban Containment and Servicing Policy Area.”

The RGS was created to ensure compact development in the region and to protect the integrity of rural areas, including the agricultural land base, as well as reducing dependency on automobiles and providing services within walking distance of housing and community.

The CRD Board had been asked to review a number of other development proposals in Central Saanich for consistency with the RGS. These five additional proposals have been reviewed and the Board agrees with staff recommendations that no further action should be taken at this time. These proposals include:

  • The Vantreight development (approved December of 2010)
  • The Senanus water line (currently under construction)
  • The McPhail luxury ‘destination’ subdivision (approved February 2011)
  • The Woodwyn Farm proposed rezoning for a variety of purposes
  •  Proposed Northwest Quadrant urban servicing

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