Change Proposed to CRD Regional Transportation Service

Jun 15, 2011

Victoria, BC - The Capital Regional District has proposed a change to transportation planning in the region which would see the establishment of a new regional transportation service, with authority on the part of the CRD to define, fund and implement transportation priorities.

In its new role, the CRD would assume primary role for regional arterial roads and regional transit networks; enhance its primary role for cycling and trails networks and land adjacent to regional corridors; and take on a cooperative role in the planning of provincial highways.

“A CRD Regional Transportation Service would give the CRD Board the authority to define, fund and implement regional transportation priorities,” said CRD Board Chair Geoff Young. “It would create a comprehensive and effective approach to advancing regional transportation goals. It would also be better placed to influence land use decisions to support environmental priorities. I’m pleased to see this proposal moving forward.”

The proposals suggests that the CRD first assume the functions of the Regional Transit Commission. The proposal will continue to the minister responsible for the BC Transit Act for consideration. If the proposal is accepted, the BC Transit Act will be amended to grant the CRD additional transit-related powers by legislative amendment or by regulation.

“Currently, the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure (MoTI), BC Transit and municipalities do not have the individual financial resources or commitment to implement regional priorities,” said Bob Lapham, General Manager, CRD Planning and Protective Services. “A Capital Region Transit Authority would align responsibility for planning, funding and implementing transportation services and capital improvements. It could also help raise revenues to pay for infrastructure and services.”

Regional transportation planning powers were  removed from regional districts in 1983 when the BC Transit Act was adopted. Since 1999, the subject of a regional transportation service has surfaced in Board deliberations and has been recognized as critical to realizing the goals of the Regional Growth Strategy (RGS) and upcoming Regional Sustainability Strategy (RSS).

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