Bridge Construction Underway for E&N Rail Trail

Feb 19, 2010

Victoria, BC ‑ Construction of a new trail bridge at Helmcken Road, adjacent to the existing rail bridge, is underway for the E&N Rail Trail. Minimal disruptions to Helmcken Road are expected and the majority of work will be conducted during regular business hours. Construction is expected to be complete in May.

The E & N (Esquimalt and Nanaimo) Rail Trail is a paved pedestrian and cycling trail planned alongside the train tracks within the rail corridor. This 17km trail will form a key part of the CRD’s regional trail network and will provide a multi-use transportation link between Victoria and the West Shore. Once built, the trail will be managed by CRD Regional Parks, similar to the existing Galloping Goose and Lochside regional trails. 

“Phase one of the E&N Rail Trail is right on track,” said CRD Regional Parks Committee Chair Christopher Causton. “Last October, contractors started work on the section of trail in Langford. Although this section isn’t quite complete yet, it is exciting to see the trail becoming a reality.”

Crews have also been preparing the ground for construction at Island Highway and Four Mile where a new rail bridge and trail bridge will be built. The bulk of the construction at this location, as well as at Hereward Road where a third trail bridge will be built, is slated to begin in May. 

“The project provides a great trail for recreation by all citizens in the region,” said Causton. “It will also help the CRD lead the way in getting drivers out of their vehicles and on to a bike, thereby reducing green house gas emissions.”

The trail will be constructed in a phased approach as funding allows. The entire phase one of the E&N Rail Trail—a 14.3 kilometre contiguous route from Esquimalt Road in the City of Victoria to Jacklin Road in the City of Langford—will be complete by the end of 2010. It will be comprised of the newly constructed rail trail, the Galloping Goose Regional Trail, as well as cycling lanes and sections on municipal roads. The development cost for phase one is estimated at $11,860,000.

More information on the E&N Rail Trail project can be found here.

Additional Information:
E&N Rail Trail Bulletin and Map


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