Peer Review Team Brings Extensive Independent Experience to Wastewater Project

Jan 30, 2009

Victoria, BC –  Core Area Liquid Waste Committee Chair Judy Brownoff today welcomed the choices made by Gordon Culp, Chair of the Peer Review Committee overseeing the conceptual architecture and design of the CORE area’s wastewater treatment plans. “Mr. Culp has chosen an extraordinary group of individuals, all with over 35 years of experience in the project areas we are most concerned with getting right.”These areas include:

  • Decentralized wastewater systems

  • Sustainable environmental engineering

  • Energy conservation

  • Waste heat recovery

  • Greenhouse gas emissions

  • Carbon footprint reduction

“None of the Peer Review Team members have been previously involved in the CRD wastewater project,” said Brownoff. “I am confident that they will bring a fresh perspective to the review process, with no vested interest in the outcome of the project.”

The Peer Review Team will give the Committee an independent review of the work of the consultants currently working on the project’s design and architecture, which includes location, size and number of treatment plants to be constructed in the CRD Core Area. Final findings of the review team are expected by late spring.

The consultants include:

  • Dr. William Oldham, Professor Emeritus, University of BC and independent consultant

  • Dr. Perry McCarty, Professor Emeritus, Stanford University and independent consultant

  • Dr. Norbert Schmidtke, Independent consultant based in Ontario

  • Dr. David Stensel, Professor, University of Washington and independent consultant

  • Dr. Warren Wilson, independent consultant based in Calgary

  • Dr. George Tchobanoglous, Professor Emeritus, University of California at Davis and independent consultant

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