Capital Regional District Pleased with Auditor General’s Report on Tree Farm Licenses

Jul 16, 2008

Victoria, BC- The CRD is pleased with the Auditor General’s report on the removal of private land from Tree Farm Licenses (TFL) 6, 19 and 25. The report reinforces the CRD’s initial position on the importance of effective consultation with stakeholders. The Auditor General has stated that removals were approved by the Ministry of Forests without sufficient regard for the public interest and without adequate public consultation.

“I am pleased with the content and findings of the report by the Auditor General,” said CRD Board Chair Denise Blackwell. “The report supports the CRD’s position in regards to the recent removal of private land from TFLs. I am hopeful that this report will bode well for the future of TFL decisions in BC and provide a greater measure of protection for residents who are concerned for the loss of forest lands, recreational opportunities, visual impacts and overall land use changes.”

“Rural resource lands in Juan de Fuca form the backbone of our Electoral Area,” said JDF EA Director Erik Lund. “Protection of these lands, and full public consultation before they are removed from a TFL, forms an integral part of our political process; the Auditor General has recognized this.”

TFL 25 was held in the Juan de Fuca Rural Resource Lands area, which includes the town site of Jordan River and much of the surrounding forest lands stretching from the Sooke River north and west past Jordan River.


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