Mount Work is one of the largest regional parks, and is the dominant hill on the horizon from many vantage points in Saanich, Victoria and the Saanich Peninsula. This popular recreation spot offers a variety of landscapes and activities.


  • Three freshwater lakes - Killarney, Durrance and Pease - for walking and swimming, and the latter two also for canoeing and fishing (Durrance Lake is stocked with catchable Rainbow Trout)
  • 11km of trails through forest to the summit (449m) of Mount Work
  • Mount Work - Hartland, a separate area of multi-use trails open to mountain biking
  • Accessible loop trail at Munn Road entrance

Trail Rating: Moderate to Challenging
Size: 743 hectares
Location: Ross - Durrance Road and Munn Road in the Highlands; Hartland Avenue in Saanich
Established: 1970
Hours: Sunrise to Sunset

Things to Do

Summit Trail

Visitors can hike to the mountain summit on a sometimes challenging trail that runs north and south, spanning the park's entire length. The trails to the summit lead through natural glacial rock formations. Conditions in the park vary with the weather, and you're fully exposed to the elements during the ascent, so plan accordingly. Please stay on the main trails, as the mossy groundcover is sensitive to damage from trampling.

Durrance Lake

Of the lakes within Mount Work Regional Park, Durrance Lake is the most accessible, and a favourite among families and picnickers. The water is cool and fresh for swimming. Nestled in a valley carved between the shadow of Mount Work and the neighbouring Partridge Hills, the lake is ringed with forested slopes.

A well-groomed path gives way to a narrow twisting hiking trail that circles the lake. Submerged logs and dead trees on the boggy south side of the lake provide important breeding habitat and a foraging area for a number of wildlife species. Durrance Lake is also a popular fly-fishing spot with a population of smallmouth bass and cutthroat trout with an accessible fishing float.

Mount Work-Hartland

Multi-use trails open to mountain biking lie on the east slope of Mount Work, separate from the main park. These trails cover a range of terrain, from moderate, rolling hills to the most difficult grade for advanced mountain bikers. Use extreme caution, and be prepared for hazards or difficult sections on any trail.

For more information on the Mount Work-Hartland mountain biking trails, contact CRD Parks' volunteer partner, the South Island Mountain Bike Society, at:

Accessible Munn Road Loop Trail

Visitors can enjoy an accessible 630-metre loop trail on a smooth gravel surface with gradual slopes in a forest. Take in a medley of evergreens and rich understory of native shrubs, ferns, mosses and woodland flowers at the Munn Road entrance to Mount Work. Travel clockwise from the main trail head.


Bike RackAccessible Picnic ShelterAccessible ToiletsParkingInformationPicnic AreaBoat LaunchFishing PierWashroomWheelchair Accessible

Ross-Durrance has ample parking and room full and mid-size buses, information kiosk, and toilet.

Durrance Road has parking, boat launch, accessible fishing pier, accessible toilet and emergency phone. There is also a beach and picnic area.

Munn Road has ample parking, including 3 accessible parking stalls and room for full and mid-size buses. There is an accessible and an information kiosk.

Hartland has a parking lot, information kiosk, accessible toilet and emergency phone.

How to Get There

Main Entrance

Follow the Pat Bay Highway from Victoria, and take the West Saanich Road exit. From West Saanich Road, turn left on Wallace Drive, and left again on Willis Point Road. Turn left on Ross-Durrance Road, which leads to the park entrance on the left. Allow approximately 40 minutes driving time from Victoria.

Durrance Lake Entrance

Follow the directions above to Willis Point Road. Turn right on Durrance Close, which leads to the park entrance.

Hartland Entrance

Follow the directions above to West Saanich Road. Turn left on Hartland Avenue, which leads to the park entrance on the right.

Munn Road Entrance

Follow the Trans-Canada Highway from Victoria, and take the #14 exit to Highlands. Keep right at the fork. Turn right at Millstream Lake Road and slight right at Munn Road.

Public Transportation

There is bus service to the Hartland Entrance only. Take BC Transit bus #83 from the Royal Oak Exchange to West Saanich Road at Hartland Road. Contact BC Transit for schedule information.

Mount Work Regional Park - Ross Durrance Road Parking Lot, Ross Durrance Rd
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Related Content

Boating Regulations

The only motorized boats permitted on Durrance Lake are those with electric motors.

Please conserve our Parks

Please follow these rules to keep the park natural and enjoyable for everyone.

  • Stay on designated trails
  • Do not remove or disturb animals or plants, such as wildflowers
  • Dogs must be on leash where required, otherwise under control to avoid injuring or disturbing people, pets or wildlife
  • Pick up dog droppings and take them to the trash
  • Leave no trace and carry out litter
  • Motorized vehicles, camping, open fires, smoking, and alcohol are prohibited

Trail Habits

Hikers and mountain bikers share much of this 57-kilometre network of trails. You can help promote responsible and safe use of these multi-use trails by practicing simple etiquette.

Yield and pass with courtesy

  • Mountain bikers are to yield to hikers and equestrians.
  • Slow down before passing trail users and respectfully alert others before approaching. When passing horses, use special care and follow directions from the horseback rider. Anticipate other trail users as you ride around corners. On bidirectional trails, mountain bikers traveling downhill must yield to those headed uphill.

Exercise control

  • Hike and ride within your limits and on trails suitable to your skill level.
  • Go slowly when encountering other trail users.

Stay on the trail and respect the environment

  • Avoid trail braiding, skidding and cutting switchbacks. Wet and muddy trails are susceptible to damage.
  • Use designated trails only.

Dog Restrictions

Dogs are not allowed to be on a designated beach or picnic area between June 1 and September 15, except to pass through on a leash, without stopping. The seasonal prohibition zone applies to Durrance Lake main beach, Killarney Lake foreshore, and Pease Lake foreshore. Read more on our pets in parks page.

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