Featuring coastal bluffs on Saturna Island, this park is connected to Gulf Islands National Park Reserve and offers views of the San Juan Islands and the mainland of Washington State.


Travel through the regional park and connect to the Whale Trail within the Gulf Islands National Park Reserve!

The waters of British Columbia are home to diverse and abundant marine species, including 25 species of whales and dolphins, five species of seals and sea lions, and river and sea otters.  From the wild west coast of Vancouver Island to the inland waters of the Salish Sea, Whale Trail sites like East Point offer spectacular vistas and opportunities to view marine mammals.

Find more information on the East Point on the Whale Trail website.



How to Get There

East Point Regional Park is located off Tumbo Channel Road. The parking lot is just past the intersection of Tumbo Channel and Cliffside roads.

Saturna Island
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Trail Habits

Stay On Trail: Hiking off-trail or camping in undesignated spaces can negatively impact ecologically sensitive and culturally important areas. Check official CRD park maps online before your hike and always follow in-park signage.

Leave No Trace: Illegal dumping, vandalism or littering in parks, even of organic material, is harmful to ecosystems and wildlife and detracts from everyone's enjoyment. Leave no trace, pack out what you pack in, and leave parks a better place than you found them.

Your Choices Matter: Always be prepared and thoughtful when you explore. Know and follow park rules. If we all do our part, we can minimize our impact and better protect CRD Parks.

Dog Restrictions

  • Protect nature by keeping your dog away from wildlife and sensitive areas.
  • Always respect others who might not welcome your dog’s attention.
  • Watch that your dog is under control, in sight, and on a leash where required.
  • Scoop your dog’s poop and take it to the trash.