lochside-program-id-webThis picturesque multi–use trail, formerly a railway line, stretches from Swartz Bay to Victoria. It travels past beaches, farmland, and wetlands, down country lanes and beside suburban backyards. While some parts of the Lochside Trail are off-road and others downright pastoral, in some places trail visitors must share paved or gravel public roads with motor vehicles and farm vehicles. Dogs must be on leash on all regional trails.

You can cycle, stroll, run, or even ride a horse through the rural sections. Whether you're commuting to work, meandering on a weekend afternoon or pacing yourself from the Switch Bridge to Swartz Bay, the trail is yours to enjoy and yours to protect.


The Lochside Trail intersects with the Galloping Goose Regional Trail, a 55 kilometre former railway line from Victoria to Sooke, and the first section of the Trans-Canada Trail.

Trail Rating: Accessible (paved sections) to Easy
Length: 29km
Location: Saanich, Central Saanich, Sidney, North Saanich, Victoria
Established: 2001
Hours: 24/7

Things to Do

The Lochside Regional Trail is both a popular commuting route and the perfect way to enjoy a lazy Sunday ride through the farmlands of the Saanich Peninsula. Stop at one of the nearby sandy beaches on the way, and enjoy ocean views from the trail itself as you approach Sidney.

Suggested Cycle Day Trips

  • From the Switch Bridge, take the Lochside Trail past Swan Lake and over the Blenkinsop Trestle to nearby Elk/Beaver Lake Regional Park or Cordova Bay beach. 12km one way
  • From the Switch Bridge, follow the Lochside Trail through the farmland of the Saanich Peninsula to Sidney. Stop to explore Island View Beach Regional Park on the way. 29km one way


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How to Get There

North from Downtown Victoria

Follow the Galloping Goose Regional Trail from Victoria to the Switch Bridge in Saanich. Turn right to follow the Lochside Trail north toward Sidney/Swartz Bay. There are several access points along the trail, including Lochside Park off Cordova Bay Road, Cy Hampson Park off Lochside Drive in Central Saanich and Tulista Park off Lochside Drive in Sidney.

South from Swartz Bay

Follow the signs for the Lochside Regional Trail.

Cyclists: after passing under the Landsend Road overpass, turn right at the bicycle lane, right at the overpass, and then right onto the trail.

Foot passengers: turn left at the Landsend Road overpass, then right onto the trail.

Public Transportation

BC Transit bus #70 from Victoria to Swartz Bay stops at various locations along the route of the Trail. Contact BC Transit for schedule information.

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Be Alert

The Lochside Regional Trail traverses urban landscapes and working agricultural areas. Some sections follow or cross public roadways. Use caution and obey traffic rules on roads and at road crossings. Give way to farm vehicles using the trail.

Water Fountains

Water fountains along regional trails are shut off during the winter season November 1 to March 31.

Trail Habits

Follow these simple trail tips to make regional trails safer and more enjoyable for all.

Share the Trail

All trail users keep to the right except to pass.

Alert Others

Before passing, alert others and control your speed.

Yield to Others

Yield to others, cyclists yield to all trail users. All trail users yield to horses.

Yield at Road Crossings

Yield to traffic at road crossing except where signs give trails users right of way.

Be Alert and Visible

Wear reflective gear. Use a light.

Dogs on Trails

Keep dogs on the right hand side of the trail. On the regional trails dogs must be leashed.

Respect the Trail

Do not remove or disturb animals or plants, such as wildflowers.