From the summit (364 m) of this small park, enjoy views of the Malahat, the Highlands, Victoria and the distant Olympic Mountains. The park's namesake was a bonsai-like Douglas-fir tree, which was designated a "Heritage Tree." Only four metres tall, it graced the hillside for over two centuries.


  • Rare and beautiful plants nestled in steep, dry rock faces
  • Bald eagles, ravens, red-tailed hawks and turkey vultures riding the winds 

Trail Rating: Moderate to Challenging
Size: 31.56 hectares
Location: Millstream Road in the Highlands
Established: 1982
Hours: Sunrise to Sunset

Things to Do

Climb above the Highlands past dry, rocky outcrop vegetation to the 364-metre summit of Lone Tree Hill. From the summit, the view sweeps across the Malahat and the Highlands to Victoria and the distant Olympic Mountains.

The hilltop is an excellent spot for bird watching. Look for bald eagles, red-tailed hawks and turkey vultures riding the thermals overhead.

Lone Tree Hill is particularly spectacular in the spring, when wildflowers such as fawn lilies, shooting stars and common camas grace the hillside.


Information Kiosk Parking Lot Toilet

The park offers a small parking lot, information kiosk and toilets at the entrance.

How to Get There

Follow the Trans-Canada Highway from Victoria, and take the Millstream Road exit. Turn right on Millstream Road and continue to the junction of Millstream Lake Road. Turn left to continue on Millstream Road to the park entrance on the right. Allow approximately 30 minutes driving time from Victoria.

Lone Tree Hill Regional Park
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Please conserve our Parks

Please follow these rules to keep the park natural and enjoyable for everyone.

  • Stay on designated trails
  • Do not remove or disturb animals or plants, such as wildflowers
  • Dogs must be on leash or under control to avoid injuring or disturbing people, pets or wildlife
  • Pick up dog droppings and take them to the trash
  • Leave no trace and carry out litter
  • Motorized vehicles, camping, open fires, smoking, and alcohol are prohibited

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