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This 26-hectare waterfront regional park property is a place where local residents and visitors can connect with nature, experience the forest and coastal area, and refresh themselves through the beauty and tranquility of the site.


  • Coastal Douglas-fir and western red cedar forest ecosystems
  • Steep, rocky shorelines with views of other Gulf Islands
  • Two rocky beaches

Trail Rating: Moderate
Size: 26 hectares
Location: Mayne Island
Established: 2017
Hours: Sunrise to Sunset

Things to Do

St. John Point is a lovely spot to enjoy the coast, bird watch or take a walk. Relatively easy hiking opportunities to the two beaches exist and a more challenging perimeter route along rocky bluffs allow a wide range of people to experience the natural values and maintain an active lifestyle.

The park is recognized as a significant conservation area, home to risk species and sensitive ecosystems. To protect the ecological integrity, dogs must be on-leash in the park, no cycling or equestrian activities are permitted, and park users are asked to stay on the official trail.

St. John Point also has an interesting cultural history. Known as ŦÁ,WEN by the Coast Salish First Nations, it was an area identified for the coho salmon that were fished in the area. A small area by the park entrance was later farmed by Japanese settlers before the Second World War.

The park has a small parking lot, perimeter trail (unmarked) and two beach accesses.

How to Get There

Take the ferry from Swartz Bay (Vancouver Island) or Tsawwassen (on the mainland) to Village Bay, Mayne Island. From the Village Bay ferry terminal, follow Village Bay Road. Turn Right on Fernhill Road, then right onto Horton Bay Rd. Please be aware that there is limited parking at St. John Point (7 vehicles) and for emergency purposes roadside parking is not permitted along Horton Bay Road.

Photo Credit

Toby Snelgrove

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Please conserve our Parks

Please follow these rules to keep the park natural and enjoyable for everyone.

  • Stay on designated trails
  • Do not remove or disturb animals or plants, such as wildflowers
  • Dogs must be on leash to avoid injuring or disturbing people, pets or wildlife
  • Pick up dog droppings and take them to the trash
  • Leave no trace and carry out litter
  • Motorized vehicles, camping, open fires, smoking, and alcohol are prohibited

Dog Restrictions

Dogs must be on-leash in the park.