This trail system covers a wide range of terrain and habitats. Beautiful views can be seen from the lookout points over St. Mary Lake and Stuart Channel.

Most of the trails are open to hikers, non-motorized cyclists and equestrians. Trails crossing Watershed Preservation Society lands are only open to hikers. These trails are marked by solid lines on this map and are clearly marked with signs on the trails.

Channel Ridge offers an extensive network of trails that are accessible through an agreement with the owners of Channel Ridge Properties. The trail system has 8 major access points, as indicated on the map. Numbered junction signs on the trails correspond to the numbered circles on the map.


Trail Length: over 15 kilometres, total

Trail Rating: Moderate with challenging sections

Trail Use: Multi, unless otherwise marked


Trail Map (PDF)

How to Get There

Access: North End of Channel Ridge lands, Salt Spring Island:

  1. Across from 1110 Sunset Drive

  2. West Eagle Drive near 224

  3. End of Pringle Farm Road

  4. Near the bend of Pringle Farm Road

  5. End of Sir Echos Way (parking area near Sunset Drive)

Access: South End of Channel Ridge lands, Salt Spring Island:

  1. Across from 175 Canvasback Place

  2. Cormorant Crescent, between 176 and 204

  3. Near 180 Broadwell

Salt Spring Island
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