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These trails meet universal design standards, and are suitable for visitors with limited mobility.

Accessible trails


Most trails are fairly flat and level. Suitable for families with small children.


More strenuous. Trails may be uneven with steep sections.


Strenuous. Longer trails may be uneven and/or narrow, with steep or slippery sections. Suitable for more experienced hikers.

Only you can judge which trails are suitable for your level of ability. Visit the Being Prepared webpage for tips on how to hike safely.

Mountain Biking

White Circle - Easiest

Fairly flat, suitable for all users. Surface is hardened or paved. Average trail grade is <5%, and the maximum trail grade is 10%. No technical trail features (TTFs).

Green Circle - Easy

Gentle climbs with easily avoidable obstacles. Surface is firm and stable. Average trail grade is equal to or less than 8%, and the maximum trail grade is 15%. Technical trail features include small roots and logs, and embedded rocks (avoidable).

Blue Square - More Difficult 

Challenging riding with steep slopes and/or TTFs; trails may be narrow with poor traction; requires riding experience. Surface is mostly stable, some loose areas. Average trail grade is equal to or less than 10%, and the maximum trail grade is 15% or greater.

TTFs include:

  • Small rock rolls
  • Small jumps
  • Medium sized logs
  • Some sections may exceed criteria

Black Diamond - Most Difficult

A mixture of long loose trail surfaces; numerous TTFs and sharp corners; requires considerable experience; can be physically demanding. Surface has considerable variation. Average trail grade is 15% or less, and maximum trail grade is 25% or greater.

TTFs include:

  • Max. Length of 2m
  • Max. Slope of 45deg.
  • Large rock rolls
  • Large logs
  • Tabletop
  • Large jumps (Max. Ht. 0.6m)
  • Steep descents with sharp transitions

Double Black Diamond - Expert

Exceptional bike control skills and balance essential to clear many challenging TTFs; expert riders only. Surface is unpredictable and has considerable variation. Average trail grade is 20%, and maximum trail grade is 30% or greater.

TFFs include:

  • Max. Length of 3m
  • Max. Slope of 60deg.
  • Large jumps (Max. Ht. 1.0m)
  • Includes and may exceed criteria in "Most Difficult" category due to height, width and exposure to TTFs
  • Fall zones may not meet fall zone standard

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Smoking in Parks

Effective April 1, the CRD Clean Air Bylaw makes all parks smoke-free zones. Read more >>