Residual solids from the McLoughlin Point Wastewater Treatment Plant are piped to the Residuals Treatment Facility at Hartland Landfill, where they are treated and turned into what are known as Class A biosolids. These biosolids are a high quality by-product suitable for beneficial use. The beneficial use of the biosolids has been determined by the CRD through a separate process.

Hartland Resource Management Group (HRMG) was selected to design, build, finance, operate and maintain the Residuals Treatment Facility over a 20-year term for the CRD. The Residuals Treatment Facility contract is performance-based, with payment tied to the quantity of residual solids treated.


The Residuals Treatment Facility uses an anaerobic digestion process followed by a dryer process to produce a dried Class A biosolid. The dryer is fueled by biogas generated during the digestion process.


The Residuals Treatment Facility is located within the footprint of the Hartland Landfill and all treatment processes are completed within closed containers. Odour control systems ensure there is no discernible odour in the community from the facility.


Noise from the facility is minimal and complies with District of Saanich bylaws.

Groundwater management

Water quality is regularly monitored by the CRD as part of the environmental monitoring program for the Hartland Landfill, both on-site and near the property line, in addition to annual sampling of residential wells in close proximity to Hartland.

A stringent containment and spill planning and response plan has been prepared specifically for the Residuals Treatment Facility that meets federal and provincial requirements for environmental and operator protection. 

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