Sewage treatment on North Pender Island consists of two treatment plants providing service to approximately 718 households. The Cannon Crescent Wastewater Treatment Plant is the smaller of the two plants, providing secondary treatment and ocean outfall. Schooner Way Wastewater Treatment Plant is the primary plant providing secondary treatment, ultraviolet disinfection of the effluent and ocean discharge, servicing approximately 550 households.


The CRD Board was requested through a referendum in 1980 to establish a specified area for the purpose of establishing a sewage collection and disposal system. The service is now authorized and administered under local service Bylaw 1873.


The Magic Lake Estates Water and Sewer Committee provides community input for the delivery of sewage treatment services. This service is managed and operated by the CRD Integrated Water Services Department.


The boundary for this service is outlined on the following Service Area Maps:


The budget for this service is formalized through an annual CRD Financial Plan and is funded by tax requisition, and by user fees and connection charges.