Electoral Areas Sewers & Septic

Magic Lake Estates Sewer on Pender Island is the only CRD sewer in the Southern Gulf Islands EA.

Private septic systems are relied upon in all of the Juan de Fuca Electoral Area with the exception of Port Renfrew.  This service provides sewage collection and disposal facilities for about 79 lots in the Port Renfrew area.

Magic Lake Estates Sewer

This service provides sewage collection and disposal facilities for the Magic Lake Estates rural development on North Pender Island. About 718 lots participate in the service.

The system has two sewage treatment plants. Waste sludge from the plants is then trucked to a commercial treatment operation in Langford, or if ferry schedules permit, it is sometimes shipped to the Salt Spring Island Liquid Waste Processing facility.

This service is managed and operated by the CRD Integrated Water Services Department, in partnership with the The Magic Lake Estates Water and Sewer Local Services Committee.

Septic Systems

The majority of Southern Gulf Island residences are on private septic systems. When properly maintained, these systems are an environmentally friendly and economically sound treatment method. Knowledge and regular maintenance of your septic system is essential.

The CRD provides information, workshops, online instructional maintenance videos, and other valuable resources to assist you in caring for your septic system.

Need septic tank service?

For septic tank service, please refer to 'Septic' in the Yellow Pages of your local directory.

To report a problem with a CRD sewer service

The Saanich Peninsula Control Centre

Tel: 250.360.3600

After hours / Weekend Emergency Contact

Tel: 250.388.6275 - #2614

General Inquiries – Water and Sewer Services

Call toll free 1.800.663.4425 and ask for Water & Sewer Local Services.

Septic Safety

  • Never inspect your tank alone
  • Never leave an open tank unattended
  • Never enter the septic tank or put your head inside